hang (up) (one's) hat

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hang (up) (one's) hat

To live somewhere; to take up residence. I'm originally from the East Coast, but I hang my hat in San Francisco these days. I've been traveling around the world for so long that it feels strange to finally have a place to hang up my hat.
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hang one's hat (up) (somewhere)

to take up residence somewhere. George loves Dallas. He's decided to buy a house and hang his hat up there. Bill moves from place to place and never hangs his hat up anywhere.
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hang your hat

be resident. North American informal
2001 Kevin Sampson Outlaws End of the day though it ain't the Royal and that is where I want to hang my hat.
See also: hang, hat
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That's the big online multiplayer hook that the creators of Left 4 Dead have hung their hat on, as Evolve delivers a visceral shooter experience where four hunters must face off against a single, playercontrolled monster.
"Even though he had never been tried or tested at this level when we signed him, I was confident he would get goals and my chief scout Dave Bowman and first-team coach Ian Evans both hung their hats on him.
Sun's expecting Java to become the dominant development platform in the next decade on the back of such requirements, especially given that even its key competitors, IBM and Hewlett-Packard, have hung their hats on Java succeeding in the enterprise.
Yesterday five of the gang posed outside the saloon where they've hung their hats and did some tough-talking about getting hitched.