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8 hectares with designed annual capacity of 200,000 metric tons of steel pipes, the plant will start mass production by February 2013 to help Chung Hung raise product mix.
It is often through the symbolic that the hung myth takes hold (deriving sexual satisfaction from a stereotype made real in a porn flick, for example).
Hung nearby were two shots of figures in landscapes.
Hung and his colleagues tested seven right-handed novice golfers as they putted from 3 and 9 feet.
Hung found that soaking cutting boards in warm electrolyzed water for just five minutes reduced bacteria by up to one millionfold.
It was a colored man Bobby Lee hung, Toby Green's nephew, who didn't live here but over in the next county.
Once the post is filled with paste, it can be hung on the tree.
A pend ulum is an object hung from a point that swings freely back and forth, as in a clock.
The Glasgow-based Norwegian artist used the space in its entirety: Things stood on the floor, leaned against or hung on the wall, and were suspended from the ceiling.
SUPERGLUE SUMMER BUDS * The girl you hung out with all summer (solely because your other friends were away) expects you to be best buddies at school.
The technology is not new," explains Yen-Con Hung of the University of Georgia in Griffin.