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on a hunch

With or based on a strong intuition (about something), rather than absolute knowledge. I opened the cabinet underneath the sink on a hunch that we'd find the keys there. On a hunch, I'd say that the president is likely to veto the bill.
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have a hunch (that something is the case)

 and have a hunch about something
to have an idea about what did, will, or should happen; to have a feeling that something will or should happen. I had a hunch that you would be here when I arrived. I have a hunch about the way things will happen.
See also: have, hunch

hunch over

[for someone] to bend over. The wounded man hunched over and staggered to the window. He was hunched over with pain.
See also: hunch, over

hunch something up

to raise up or lift up some body part, usually the shoulders. He hunched his shoulders up in his effort to get warm. He hunched up his shoulders to keep warm.
See also: hunch, up

hunch up

to squeeze or pull the parts of one's body together. He hunched up in a corner to keep warm. Why is that child hunched up in the corner?
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play a (or your) hunch

make an instinctive choice.
See also: hunch, play
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But it is Pullein's preference for trading in facts and figures as opposed to hunches and supposition that makes him what he is - an authoritative, profitable spread-betting tipster, whose ratings and opinions are among the first things most people in the spread industry read of a morning.
Now, in addition to following current stats and listening to expert recommendations, players can use this site to test their hunches and better forecast how a player's changing performance level or trade would affect their fantasy team's results within a league.
Tests and interview questions should be based on their ability to measure critical knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics, KSAOs, not based on hunches," said Qwiz Client Services Manager Sarah Fallaw, Ph.
Web consultancies such as ZAAZ bring unique value to their clients because they provide tangible results that impact a client's bottom line rather than operating on hunches and best-guesses," said Dan Meub, senior vice president and general manager of the Web Analytics Business Unit at NetIQ.
Traders may buy, sell, sell short or buy on margin, allowing investor-players to test their hunches and experiment with strategies in a realistic, on line trading environment.
Male punters are therefore naturals at studying racing statistics, while I think a lot of women cannot get their head around them and are happy to use their intuition and to bet on hunches and feelings, at least part of the time.
except when the carriers ignore their formulas and play hunches.
As I say, it's only a hunch but hunches do come off - usually when I don't back them.
is apt to think that / if he is good at hunches sometimes, / he may rely on them always.