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on a hunch

With or based on a strong intuition (about something), rather than absolute knowledge. I opened the cabinet underneath the sink on a hunch that we'd find the keys there. On a hunch, I'd say that the president is likely to veto the bill.
See also: hunch, on

have a hunch (that something is the case)

 and have a hunch about something
to have an idea about what did, will, or should happen; to have a feeling that something will or should happen. I had a hunch that you would be here when I arrived. I have a hunch about the way things will happen.
See also: have, hunch

hunch over

[for someone] to bend over. The wounded man hunched over and staggered to the window. He was hunched over with pain.
See also: hunch, over

hunch something up

to raise up or lift up some body part, usually the shoulders. He hunched his shoulders up in his effort to get warm. He hunched up his shoulders to keep warm.
See also: hunch, up

hunch up

to squeeze or pull the parts of one's body together. He hunched up in a corner to keep warm. Why is that child hunched up in the corner?
See also: hunch, up

play a (or your) hunch

make an instinctive choice.
See also: hunch, play
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In January, Australian drink company Sunraysia hunched its Crush brand which, like Cracker, is made from crushed fruit blended with water.
Lit by three candles in Jack Daniels' bottles and a lampshade, Jack - a contemporary of Woody Guthrie and inspiration to a young Bob Dylan - is unlike most people hunched over a guitar.
I am a rodent the enemy cannot kill and eat, but there is a certain cruel kinship that I recognize and hate even as hissing, we make deadly embrace, eyes wide, never more awake, knife in fist, I meet my hunched nightmare, my mirror twin face to face, kill him and kill my hateful self.
Collins of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor -- White's co-worker Robert Weiss remained hunched over a keyboard in Salt Lake City.
Many of us have gotten so used to being hunched over a keyboard and mouse, we assume that's just the price of navigating the Internet.
The poking chin posture is often caused by sitting too low, a screen set too high, a hunched back or a combination of all three.
Age Concern and Help the Aged say the hunched figure of an OAP with a walking stick should be replaced.
The Scotch whisky will be hunched into the UK as a gift brand this month, after success in export markets.
Corbett, who was influenced by Judson Dance Theater and post-Judson choreographers, looks like no one else in Boston because she presents made-up movement rather than hand-me-downs: hunched up shoulders propelling her arms upward or out with extraordinary power, a torso coiling in or flinging itself out into space, a fall to the floor with a subsequent rise up as if fueled by an organic instinct, the whole of it infused with a languid ease and grace.
There's not much effort to get inside the emperor's mind, outside of the occasional closeup of star Christian Clavier (who looks sort of like a hunched Leonard Cohen in a silly haircut) staring dementedly, as if attempting to have a self-induced aneurysm or perhaps pass a kidney stone.
The shot of the model named Carmen Hawk, hunched, declares nothing specific about gender - everyone has a back and a butt - and neither do McQueen's pants, since he has done bumsters for men.
MPTP alone produced tremors, muscle rigidity, hunched posture and decreased movement within five days.
Upper back, neck and rear shoulder strengthening exercises, chest stretches and neck posture drills are recommended to help correct a hunched back.
Men sat hunched over small white tables in a game of dominoes, a cultural pastime of the Caribbean Islands.
But they were made famous by a cartoon beagle perched atop his doghouse, hunched over a typewriter.