hump along

hump (along)

in. to move along in a hurry. Come on, move it! Hump to the main office and be fast about it!
See also: hump
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'This is just a big hump along the way, it will make the team better and stronger individually.
Majdi Al Nasheet proposed the construction of an additional speed hump along Avenue 45, improving traffic flow along Jerusalem Avenue, and finding a solution to the issue of vehicles for sale, which is disturbing residents in Isa Town.
This leaves a slight hump along the vertical drywall joint.
He said truck swerved to the side of the national road when it ran over a hump along Barangay (village) Tapaya.
Al Kuwari also proposed the implementation of a regular speed hump along Road 1908 Block 919 and flat speed humps along Roads 2101 & 2103 in Block 921 and Mashtan Avenue.