It's not the heat, it's the humidity

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It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

Prov. When the air is damp, hot days feel even hotter and more miserable. Jill: I hope the air-conditioning is fixed soon; the heat is unbearable in here. Jane: It's not the heat, it's the humidity. Alan: I thought the summers were hot when I was growing up in New Mexico, but they're even hotter here in Iowa. Jane: The climate is moister here; it's not the heat, it's the humidity.
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The humidity chamber core's tensile strength should always be compared to the tensile strength of cores in the laboratory environment's delayed tensile strength.
A humidity indicator card has a moisture-sensitive chemical that will change color when the indicated relative humidity is exceeded.
Under conditions of high humidity, the evaporation of sweat from the skin is decreased and the body's efforts to maintain an acceptable body temperature may be significantly impaired.
Humidity can be extracted from corrugated cardboard by putting it in kilns for a longer period of time at 105-120[degrees]C.
The 2-millimeter nanocomposite LDPE had better water vapor barrier properties at 23 C and 50% relative humidity than did the pure LDPE.
By Tuesday, however, onshore flow is expected to return, bringing a gradual increase in humidity, the Weather Service reported.
Munters Moisture Control Services has recently introduced its new Humidity Control Unit (HCU) to combat this challenge.
All plants have several requirements that need to be met: temperature, humidity, watering, fertilization, and lighting.
Saraf of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln have converted bacteria into humidity sensors by studding the cells' surfaces with gold nanoparticles.
Where we live in the Northeast, as in many parts of the country, one of the biggest nuisances of this time of the year is the humidity.
The Model 1621 Value Kit includes the temperature and humidity logger, two sensors, a sensor case, a 25-foot extension cable, and LogWare III.
To determine the influence of changing humidity on cockle, we subjected a sample of paper to cyclic humidity conditions ranging from 50% to 85% RH at a constant ambient temperature.
To maximize success under LEED, owners, developers and their design teams must address multiple issues such as natural ventilation, polluted outdoor-air locations, air-distribution effectiveness, heat recovery/energy savings, humidity control and acoustic control.
In addition to measuring temperature and relative humidity, it calculates and displays Heat Stress Index, which measures how hot it feels when humidity is combined with the actual temperature.