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everything humanly possible

Everything that is realistically possible. This is my dream job, so I plan to do everything humanly possible to get it.

humanly possible

Realistically possible. Usually used in the phrase "as fast as humanly possible," meaning as fast as a person could possibly go. This cab driver needs to go as fast as humanly possible to give us any chance of making our flight! I got ready as fast as humanly possible and still missed the bus.
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everything humanly possible

everything that is in the range of human powers. The rescuers did everything humanly possible to find the lost campers. The doctor tried everything humanly possible to save the patient.
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I can assure them I and other Councillors are still working hard to ensure that everything humanly possible is being done to prevent a recurrence of November 2012 here in our City.
Humanly Syrian Stories One Syrian young man has retuned to his home country to try and convince fighters to put down their guns and settle the issues non-violently.
ISLAMABAD -- Secretary Election Commission Ishtiak Ahmad said every humanly possible effort was made to ensure peaceful and fair elections and criticism against ECP is not based on facts.
He said: "Humanly we still come with heavy hearts as we reflect on the pain of loss that we experience and the void that the passing of each of these priests has left in our hearts and our lives.
"Everything that is humanly possible has been done in London to minimise doping," he said.
DAMIEN JOHNSON will be back for Town as quickly as is humanly possible.
Barely breaking to speak, the band crammed in as many songs as humanly possible before curfew, paying obvious attention to recent eighth studio album, The Whole Love.
A source close to the selection process said: "We are getting it done as quickly as is humanly possible with all the organisations involved."
The bank said that it would move 'as slowly as humanly possible' to conform to the internationally agreed norms.
Sometimes you want to be rid of something as quick as humanly possible.
"You're simply asking an individual to do more than is humanly possible," Tom Carroll, president of the National Council on Teaching and America's Future, told Education Week.
Jerry Brown of California "delves further into Brown's un-campaign for governor and the puzzling question of what in the heck he's planning to do once he gets there," writes DAVID DAYEN Of CALITICS.COM before adding his own spin: "Brown clearly has a blueprint for winning the election--say as little as humanly possible about the problems that grip the state, and hope that tangerine dreams of the halcyon '70s push him to victory.
A self-help manual that doesn't believe in you, "Embracing Your Inner Mediocrity" helps the reader restrain his or her ego while remaining focused on being as capable as he or she can humanly be.
1 IS IT humanly possible to drive at or below the speed limit while listening to live Grand Prix commentary on the radio?