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humanly possible

Realistically possible. Usually used in the phrase "as fast as humanly possible," meaning as fast as a person could possibly go. This cab driver needs to go as fast as humanly possible to give us any chance of making our flight! I got ready as fast as humanly possible and still missed the bus.
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everything humanly possible

Everything that is realistically possible. This is my dream job, so I plan to do everything humanly possible to get it.

everything humanly possible

everything that is in the range of human powers. The rescuers did everything humanly possible to find the lost campers. The doctor tried everything humanly possible to save the patient.
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The clock cannot be turned back but everything humanly possible must be done to prevent another tragedy.
Olmert's challenge - and the world community's as well - is to do all that is humanly possible to get Hamas to see that a healthy Palestinian nation is within reach.
While it's been my ongoing experience that a mother of seven must occasionally exert herself, I can, humanly speaking, rarely muster a desire to do so.
With these later works it is as though Neri had learned that not all deaths are humanly willed and violent.
Artist Alisa Gabrielle is one of those people who seem to live more lives than are humanly possible.
But here and there is decent work like that of von Gerkan, Marg & Partner, who play a very straight bat, Rocco Design's delicate (though expensive) Boao Canal Village on Hainan island and Shanghai practice MADA's humanly scaled urban buildings for smaller cities.
Thus, the image on the Shroud is definitely not a fraud, forgery, or humanly made artifact of any kind.
Even defeated aspirations remain real; false hopes and illusions become humanly comprehensible.
As the complexity of the model grows so does the number of variable combinations, so it is almost humanly impossible to test every single model combination within a reasonable timeframe using traditional techniques.
He has done everything humanly possible to redeem his life, and those of countless other angry, violence-prone youth.
A senior republican source in South Armagh said yesterday: "This makes the job of finding the remains very difficult, but we are co-operating as far as humanly possible in the search.
The architecture is modest, humanly scaled and consciously uninstitutional with the aim of transforming often negative perceptions of healthcare buildings.
6) The humanly irreconcilable differences between Jews and Christians will not be settled until God converts the whole world, as promised in Scripture.
The ability of the FCP appliance to crunch real-time numbers and make the necessary changes on the fly is staggering and simply not humanly possible," said Mr.
Then they went out in the second half and completed a 45-13 victory, coming as close as humanly possible to quieting 59,129 Oregon fans, showing the largest crowd in the history of the sport in this state why the Trojans are the No.