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the horizontal hula

vulgar slang The act of sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of doing the horizontal hula with someone.
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horizontal hula

n. copulation. (Contrived.) She wanted to do some of that horizontal hula.
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At the time of European contact Hula social organization was based on residential units called kwalu, a term which modern-day Hula translate as 'clan'.
Thus, the fact that Kanaka Maoli are performing traditional hula as well as composing and choreographing new hula is a political act of cultural empowerment.
As I was writing this review, my first visceral reaction to Hula came back, and I was struck by the power of its continuing impact.
I was still thinking of the 'Totoong Hula' as I moved around Plaza Miranda, in front of the church.
The artist, whose bold and beautiful feather work is currently on display at the Volcano House in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park and other prominent locations, will have his work on exhibit and for collection at the The George Na'ope Hula Festival from July 19-20 at the Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza in Old Town Sacramento.
'I'm lucky, that hula hoop could have saved my life' as an
According to the Daily Mail, the hula hoop Chanel bags are intended for use as a beach bag.
On Saturday, many residents of two villages there fled toward the center of Hula fearing new bombing, while amateur videos posted on YouTube showing terrible images of dead children lying on the ground.
There's no trickery to it, she says, but the weighted hoops, in adult sizes, make hula hooping a whole lot easier.
And if she succeeds the 33-year-old could set a new world record for the longest run while hula hooping.
When she joined the prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts she discovered a passion for hula hooping and started shedding the excess pounds.
One classmate said: "She was in the tennis team but was always a real natural with the hula hoop."
LAUNCHED in 1958, more than 100 million Hula Hoops were sold within the first two years, while in Tokyo, the police were forced to ban them from being used in the streets.
Dream yourself away to an exotic island with this summer's hula hula prints, writes Lydia Whitfield Take it easy with this relaxed trend that is brimming with laid-back maxi dresses in loud prints.