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bunny hug

1. A sweatshirt with a hood and large front pockets. The term is not used outside the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Primarily heard in Canada. I love this bunny hug, it's so warm and comfortable.
2. A ballroom dance characterized by a syncopated, ragtime rhythm, popular in the US in the early 1900s. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Although it's not as popular as other dances anymore, I still enjoy doing the bunny hug.
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bear hug

A strong and often immobilizing type of embrace. Jane was so excited to see her dad for the first time since his military deployment, she ran to him, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a long bear hug.
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commode-hugging drunk

slang Intoxicated to the point of vomiting. (A commode is a toilet, which one may "hug" while vomiting into it.) I found Henry sleeping on the bathroom floor, so he must have been commode-hugging drunk last night.
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commode-hugging drunk

Sl. heavily alcohol intoxicated; drunk and vomiting. Willie got commode-hugging drunk in the space of two hours.
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commode-hugging drunk

mod. heavily alcohol intoxicated; drunk and vomiting. I could tell by the sounds coming from the bathroom that Ernie had come home commode-hugging drunk again.
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hug the porcelain god(dess)

and hug the throne
tv. to vomit; to vomit while holding on to the toilet seat. By “hug the porcelain god” I assume you are referring to vomiting into the toilet bowl? The girls drank a lot of beer and two of them spent the night hugging the porcelain god.
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hug the throne

See also: hug, throne

hug the porcelain god

See also: god, hug, porcelain
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So if you want to put pictures on Twitter of you hugging somebody - a stranger, a friend, a tree, whatever it is, in his memory, it would be lovely if everybody could get involved.
Bear Hugging & Cancer Crushing" is the inspiring story of a boy's discovery that his father has brain cancer.
In life, many things are better enjoyed when done slowly and attentively, such as eating a piece of cake, kissing or hugging," he added.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- After much deliberation and even more hugging, Baymax, the lovable, personal companion robot and star of Walt Disney Animation Studio's action-packed comedy adventure and Academy Award Nominated film "Big Hero 6," was today named Most Huggable Character of 2015 on National Hugging Day(TM)!
Also taking part were Nimmi Sahota and Darren Green, who are planning to launch a hugging club in Liverpool later this year.
Considering the hype around # Salman-HuggedSRK, Madame Tussauds may decide to have a wax statue of SRK and Salman hugging each other," said a tweet by Raga.
We decided to spread the love by hugging people," Kunz said, adding "a good hug can make someone happy".
Al- Khayyal was filmed hugging young men, in a three minute clip that racked up over a million views in three days.
Me and Bob practised hugging in July, but to be honest I've been hugging for years.
I would instigate the hugging myself, but at my age I could get arrested, so I shall make myself available - mainly in the bar of a local hostelry - and accept all and every hug of goodwill that comes my way.
As argued below, hugging and other forms of normal physical contact are important to the emotional and behavioral development of children.
Hugging, a sign of peace, could get you in trouble.
Not only that but 67% of Surrey employees were more likely to kiss their boss over hugging them and 60% of Buckinghamshire employees would prefer to hug their boss over kissing them.
Semaan said the event had received a range of responses, from those who were "very happy" to those who criticised the choice of picture for the event: a white tiger hugging a man.