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A derogatory term for an environmentalist, especially one who is very vocal in their support of environmental regulations. I didn't spend my life building this company just to see my daughter marry some liberal tree-hugger who's trying to get us shut down! Of course the tree-huggers are opposed to the proposed oil drilling, but they're ignoring how many jobs it will provide to people in the region.
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tree hugger

An environmentalist. This slangy expression dates from the late 1900s and alludes to those who support the protection of forests and oppose logging. It sometimes is used as a derogatory term by those who think such a person goes to unnecessary extremes. The term has been extended to other forms of environmentalism, such as limiting greenhouse gases. See also carbon footprint.
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After those experts testified in the first Bair Hugger system trial in 2018 and after the publication of a new study on surgical site infections, 3M asked the court to revisit its earlier decision.
Specifically in Gareis, the plaintiffs argued that the operation of the Bair Hugger disrupts operating room airflow and causes ambient bacteria to be deposited into the surgical site or onto the prosthetic joint.
The Tree Hugger Competition was also one such initiative of the UNDP in Bhutan to safeguard Bhutan's rich biodiversity.
28, 1930, he vehemently hugged an older woman outside her Brook Street home and as she screamed, her son-in-law ran out of the house to confront the hugger - who had disappeared into the night.
Despite record-setting low temperatures, rain, and wind, the Tree Hugger Day event at the Jefferson Memorial in our nation's capital brought out a dedicated group excited to share in a new annual tradition.
Now you can call be a tree hugger or should I say a 'seal hugger'?
CONTACT: Tee Hugger Apparel,
"You don't have to be a tree hugger to implement green building design and practices in building, renovating or managing a property--they're cost-effective with a return on investment that would make any number cruncher smile," said Gerard McCabe, IABS President in opening the Forum.
You may remember SHAC/USA as the bunny hugger group that rolled through downtown Little Rock in October 2001 to protest Stephens Inc.'s interest in Huntingdon Life Sciences, a British company involved in animal testing.]
Every pack of Bernard Matthews Dinosaurs will contain one of three designs of pencil hugger. Special promotional packaging, featuring pictures of the pencil huggers and promotional flashes, has been designed to draw attention to the promotion, which has been developed to reward loyal customers and generate even greater sales of this line.
Its four-way mounting system comes with all the needed hardware for different ceiling heights, including a standard 4" downrod for normal ceilings (8 ft.) and a "hugger" mount for low ceilings.
Orchard Park, NY), infringed three patents covering Augustine Medical's (Minneapolis, MN; 612-947-1214) Bair Hugger brand convective warming blankets.
In the game a character named Tree Hugger is depicted as a lavender-clad sprite who prances through the forest flailing his hands and pointing out rainbows.
The case involved Catalina's Portable Hugger flexible light, which the company introduced a year ago and has sold to several major discounters and home center chains.
The Greeters Group even started wearing signs around their necks that said things like: DESIGNATED HUGGER, Hugger at Large, Hug Me, I'm Human, and God Loves a Cheerful Hugger.