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bunny hug

1. A sweatshirt with a hood and large front pockets. The term is not used outside the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Primarily heard in Canada. I love this bunny hug, it's so warm and comfortable.
2. A ballroom dance characterized by a syncopated, ragtime rhythm, popular in the US in the early 1900s. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Although it's not as popular as other dances anymore, I still enjoy doing the bunny hug.
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bear hug

A strong and often immobilizing type of embrace. Jane was so excited to see her dad for the first time since his military deployment, she ran to him, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a long bear hug.
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commode-hugging drunk

slang Intoxicated to the point of vomiting. (A commode is a toilet, which one may "hug" while vomiting into it.) I found Henry sleeping on the bathroom floor, so he must have been commode-hugging drunk last night.
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ass-out hug

rude slang A hug in which one or both parties try to limit their physical contact (as by sticking their buttocks out). Come on, don't give me the ass-out hug—get in here, buddy! I'm not a very affectionate person, so I'm a big fan of the ass-out hug.
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commode-hugging drunk

Sl. heavily alcohol intoxicated; drunk and vomiting. Willie got commode-hugging drunk in the space of two hours.
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commode-hugging drunk

mod. heavily alcohol intoxicated; drunk and vomiting. I could tell by the sounds coming from the bathroom that Ernie had come home commode-hugging drunk again.
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hug the porcelain god(dess)

and hug the throne
tv. to vomit; to vomit while holding on to the toilet seat. By “hug the porcelain god” I assume you are referring to vomiting into the toilet bowl? The girls drank a lot of beer and two of them spent the night hugging the porcelain god.
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hug the throne

See also: hug, throne

hug the porcelain god

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bear hug

An affectionate, sometimes overwhelming embrace. In wrestling it is also known as a body lock; in business it is an aggressive offer for a takeover. But the cliché refers simply to the embrace, as in “Jane met him with a handshake, but he responded by giving her a bear hug.”
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But kids preferred playing with the Huggable robot to either the virtual version or a traditional teddy bear, according to the study published online June 26 in the journal Pediatrics.
Then, on February 1, MAC Cosmetics' Huggable Lipcolour collection Sisley's Phyto-Lip Twist, below left, lands in stores.
To them he's just a fun-loving purple dinosaur, friendly, huggable and lovable.
HOLDEN - Yellow dogs, brown dogs, black dogs, spotted dogs, small dogs, big dogs - dogs of any color or size as long as they are friendly - are welcome at the Holden Huggable Hounds 4-H Club.
Machine washable and certified asthma- and allergy-friendly by the Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), this huggable toy is made with materials that don't contain chemicals or allergens at levels known to trigger symptoms.
A building does not necessarily have to be "huggable" to merit preservation.
The dolight Huggable pillow costs about $160 at
Among the site's featured celebrities are Wolfgang Puck and Todd English in cooking, Colin Cowie and Serena Bass in home entertaining and Joy Mangano of Huggable Hangers in home solutions.
Wolves are really huggable, if it's not you they're chasing to exhaustion and then eating alive.
From the website of Huggable Urns, a company that sells cremation urns in the form of stuffed animals and pillows.
The South West Trading Company, which specializes in yarns and textiles made from environmentally friendly materials, has created these cruelty-free, huggable friends with fur so soft that you won't believe it isn't silk.
"Made of soft, pliable leather-like fabric," states the promotional material, "her suit of armor keeps with our concept of soft and huggable."
Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are designing a robotic teddy bear called "the Huggable."
In Jena's pageant, each and every contestant is crowned because judges see the beauty in everyone based on categories like "best eyes," "best smile" and "best dressed." Jena wants the kids to feel as honored as she did when she won the 2005 Build-A-Bear Workshop[R] Huggable Heroes contest.
Gelitin, Rabbit (Artesina, Italy) A huge, huggable, 279-foot-long stuffed pink rabbit atop a peak in the Alps--and it's made of knitted wool!