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hang a huey

slang To make a U-turn (a turn in which the person completely reverses direction), especially in a car. Dang it, I forgot my keys! Hang a huey up ahead so I can go back and get them.
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talk to Huey

slang To vomit profusely. "Huey" is likely intended to be imitative of the sound of someone retching. He had a few too many shots of tequila and spent the rest of the night talking to Huey. You're awfully pale, Charlie. You look like you need to talk to Huey.
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talk to Huey on the big white (tele)phone

slang To vomit profusely and at length into a toilet. "Huey" is slang for "vomit," likely as an onomatopoeia for the sound one makes when vomiting. He had a few too many shots of tequila and spent the rest of the night talking to Huey on the big white telephone. You're awfully pale, Charlie. You look like you need to talk to Huey on the big white phone.
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hang a huey

Sl. to make a U-turn. Hang a huey in the middle of the block. Right here! Hang a huey!
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hang a huey

(ˈhæŋ ə ˈ(h)jui)
tv. to make a U-turn. (The first pronunciation of Huey with no hj is probably the original version.) Right here! Hang a huey!
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