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hue and cry

A large public protest. The company's decision to send thousands of jobs overseas started a real hue and cry as people threatened to boycott its stores.
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raise a hue and (a) cry

To utter, stir up, or cause a very large and vocal public protest or outcry. People these days want to raise a hue and cry about the tiniest little thing. It's like they're just looking for a reason to be outraged! The company's decision to outsource thousands of jobs overseas has raised a hue and a cry as people across the country are threatening to boycott its stores.
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a hue and cry

Fig. a loud public protest or opposition. (See also .) There was a hue and cry when the city government tried to build houses on the playing field. The decision to close the local school started a real hue and cry.
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raise a hue and cry (about something)

Fig. to make an issue about something; to alert people to a problem or difficulty. The city council raised a hue and cry about the mayor's proposed budget.
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hue and cry

A public clamor, as of protest or demand. For example, The reformers raised a hue and cry about political corruption. This redundant expression ( hue and cry both mean "an outcry"), dating from the 1200s, originally meant "an outcry calling for the pursuit of a criminal." By the mid-1500s it was also being used more broadly, as in the example.
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a hue and cry

If there is a hue and cry about something, there is a loud protest about it or opposition to it. There probably will be a hue and cry about my suggestion of more power to the police. Our officers prepare, take a test, and accept the results without any hue and cry. Note: Until the 19th century, `hue and cry' was the legal name for the cries of someone who had been robbed and who was calling for others to help. It was an offence for anyone to refuse to join the chase, once they heard the cry. `Hue' comes from the Old French `huer', meaning `to shout'.
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a ˌhue and ˈcry

loud opposition, protest, etc: There was a great hue and cry among the parents when it was announced that the school was to close.If the government raises taxes too much, there’ll be a real hue and cry.This phrase refers to the medieval law ‘hu e cri’, which stated that the public had to chase and try to catch a criminal.
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hue and cry

A public uproar or protest. This term once denoted an English system of apprehending robbers and other criminals. Neighbors and bystanders were obliged to join a “hue and cry,” that is, shout and make other noise while a suspect was chased to the bounds of a manor (hue comes from the Old French huer, “to shout”). Later the term was transferred to any public outcry. John Ruskin used it ironically in Mode Painting (1846): “The public took up the hue and cry conscientiously enough,” meaning they supported the fashionable view.
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hue and cry

A loud public clamor. The phrase was most usually heard as “raise a hue and cry.” According to old English law, any citizen who heard shouts that a possible lawbreaker was being pursued was required to join in the chase. The phrase is a combination of the Anglo-French hu (a shout of warning) and cri (to cry out).
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