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get into a huddle

To discuss something privately with a small and/or specific group of people. Likened to a huddle in American football, in which the offensive team gathers together before a play to discuss their plan. Go ahead and get into a huddle with your husband and decide if you want to submit a counter-offer.
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go into a huddle

1. Lit. [for team members] to get into a small circle and plan what they are going to do next. They went into a huddle to plan their strategy. The players will go into a huddle and decide what to do.
2. . Fig. [for people] to group together to talk and decide what to do. We went into a huddle to plan our sales strategy. Top-level management needs to go into a huddle and come up with a good plan.
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huddle around someone or something

to gather or bunch around someone or something. The girls huddled around Mary to hear what she had to say. The kids huddled around the cake and consumed it almost instantaneously.
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huddle someone together

to bunch people together. The scoutmaster huddled the boys together to give them a pep talk. Let's huddle everyone together to keep warm.
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huddle (up) (together)

to bunch up together. The children huddled up together to keep warm. They huddled up to keep warm. The newborn rabbits huddled together and squirmed hungrily.

go into a huddle

Gather together privately to talk about or plan something, as in The attorneys went into a huddle with their client before asking the next question. Although huddle has been used since the 16th century in the sense of "a crowded mass of things," the current usage comes from football, where the team goes into a huddle to decide on the next play. [Mid-1900s]
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get/go into a ˈhuddle (with somebody)

move close to somebody so that you can talk about something without other people hearing: Every time she asked a question, the group went into a huddle before giving her an answer.
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huddle up

1. To move close together to form a tightly packed group: The football team huddled up to discuss the next play.
2. To cause a group to come together in a tightly packed crowd: I huddled the children up in a group in the museum lobby. The police huddled up the protesters and led them into the van.
3. To assume a position with the limbs drawn up close to the body: The lost hiker huddled up under a shelter made of branches and leaves.
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Over at the Oval in Central London, crickets fans huddled in ponchos as rain interrupted play.
Jackson previously stood with a clipboard and huddled his players around him during timeouts.
Here we are huddled in the citadel, trying to protect our families against the onslaught of a corrupting culture, and all Santorum can come up with is don't put a TV in your kid's room?
Later that night I went to take a piss and found the same guy huddled around a urinal with a crack pipe clenched tightly between his lips and, Oh, did my eyes light up with the thought of revengel I pretended not to pay any attention as I washed my hands and walked out of the men's room which at this point reeked like burning plastic.
Forest Service District Commander John Newcom, Fire Manager Peter Sodoquist, and a biologist huddled for two hours to determine whether or not they could grant an exemption for the helicopter drop.
Bands with these older leaders rarely huddled in response to calls from elephants familiar to the leader.
The wildly different dynamics--the ultra-fast huddled spin juxtaposed with the dancers suspending in splayed positions, the quick, flat-footed steps alternating with serene, refined waltzing--were suggestive of a world out of kilter, perhaps a statement on the right-wing condition in Vienna today.
Cora Amerson, a 27-year resident of the park, huddled in a chair at the park's recreation hall.
Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and a handful of the biggest private bankers in the world, huddled together to figure out how to keep South Korea from going bankrupt.
Six schoolgirls lost overnight in atrocious weather on Dartmoor sang songs to keep their spirits up as they huddled together for warmth in a tent.
The article and picture of California State University, Northridge, students huddled ``in the cold'' after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake was interesting.
Twenty-six people - family and neighbors - huddled in that shaky shelter for more than four hours, as one man used a ham radio to call for help.
On Friday, the tan-color puppies - most measuring about 8 inches long and weighing about a pound - climbed all over Bailey and each other to reach their mother's tummy, and then huddled together in rows for a post-nursing nap, using their tiny siblings as pillows.
The Woodland Hills fans - many huddled in blankets in the chilly evening - never gave up on their team and encouraged the players until the end.
The crew was huddled at the rig, wrapped in the department-issue heat shields for protection.