huddle together

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huddle someone together

to bunch people together. The scoutmaster huddled the boys together to give them a pep talk. Let's huddle everyone together to keep warm.
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Mothers and children huddle together, little bulwarks against a cruel world.
NO FOOD: The family of ducks, who are living in a courtyard at Halton General Hospital, huddle together
So why doesn't Newcastle City Council take a lead and install a number of patio heaters at central points and taxi ranks so that the frozen ones could huddle together for warmth while waiting to get home?
The idea being that shorn sheep will head for a barn where they'll huddle together and put on body fat.
In previous research, the Yerkes scientists found that when rhesus monkeys are moved suddenly to a much smaller living area, they tend to huddle together with relatives and stay still.
In Untitled, 1993, three huge plaster busts huddle together in a corner around a pile of brown ears, blue eyes, and black noses that have presumably fallen off their faces.
MOTHERS huddle together yesterday as archaeologists begin to map an unmarked children's graveyard.
All the boys could do was huddle together as the freezing water rose around them.
Photo: Sherman and Austin, who often choose the greater of two paired amounts of chocolate chips, huddle together in a language-training laboratory.
SMOKE billows across a motorway yesterday as shocked passengers huddle together in freezing temperatures after their coach burst into flames.
But they were forced to huddle together inside the lodge for more than 12 hours as storm force winds lashed the mountains.
We show that when we huddle together at the end of matches.