huddle around

huddle around someone or something

to gather or bunch around someone or something. The girls huddled around Mary to hear what she had to say. The kids huddled around the cake and consumed it almost instantaneously.
See also: around, huddle
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This is the place to take in the sunset or huddle around fire rings in the evening, much like a beach bonfire.
Teachers don't have to wait to go home and use their computer, or find a way to all huddle around a single machine to look at their own training materials.
Move your furniture around - you don't need to huddle around the fire any more
Aside from the unshaven few who always huddle around the high-tech gadgets, the male of the species was virtually absent.
Spotty young adolescents certainly don't huddle around tinny transistors on a Sunday night listening for news of the Bay City Rollers' latest "waxing" any more - their modern counterparts are more likely to employ walkmen and ghetto blasters - but I'm as sured they follow the progress of their favourites with no less enthusiasm.
When Super Bowl viewers huddle around the party food, the favorite snack of Dallas and Buffalo residents alike will be potato chips say 24.
Guthrie says, "is that we will all huddle around and congratulate ourselves that we're physician executives and have passed a board.
Simply put, professionals no longer need to huddle around a tiny screen to see what's on it.
Partygoers huddle around several tables covered with plastic freezer bags stuffed with shirts and an index card bearing a number at these events.
15 UCLA wants to do late this afternoon is huddle around a television at the San Jose airport to watch the end of Washington at Arizona, and to learn whether it won the Pacific-10 Conference title outright.
Underage drinkers will huddle around bottles and cans and get wasted in honour of our patron saint.
Every weekend Premiership mad fans from Indonesia, Hong Kong,Malaysia, Singapore and China huddle around their TV screens to watch their heroes.
Even on their lunch break games testers huddle around screens playing the latest games.
The witches are very good in this so-so evening, and they create a sense of occult power whenever they choose to huddle around their cauldron.
Families won't have to huddle around computer screens to play video games, now they can enjoy them from the comfort of their favorite chairs.