huddle around

huddle around (someone or something)

To come together around someone or something in a small and/or specific group. We huddled around the computer to watch the video. Come on, fellas, huddle around the coaches!
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huddle around someone or something

to gather or bunch around someone or something. The girls huddled around Mary to hear what she had to say. The kids huddled around the cake and consumed it almost instantaneously.
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Several then huddle around and rain punches down on another man, as others grapple with them in a bid to stop the fight.
In a dusty workshop in Gawalmandi, four cobblers huddle around making handmade shoes.
This was the touching moment players from a Welsh rugby club formed a huddle around the car of their coach, who is undergoing treatment for testicular cancer.
In a telling photograph we saw Europe's Angela Merkel leaning on desk addressing the seated US President while others huddle around. Part of May's head glimpsed at the back emphasises she follows, others lead.
Just before the children went to sleep, they would huddle around their parents who read them stories from a booklet titled 'Inpanbilay.'
My friend, husband and children were busily preparing food for our planned BBQ dinner and as the grey clouds were dissipating we all started to huddle around the garden table and BBQ chatting and laughing, reminiscing of days gone by.
These seven rocky worlds huddle around their small, dim, red star, like a family around a campfire," the artwork caption read, adding that the planet was voted "Best 'Hab Zone' Vacation" due to its proximity to the central ultracool dwarf star.
In the end, one of my trekking comrades took to scouring the book to find the dirtiest paragraphs and we'd all huddle around the camp fire to hear his hysterical enactments.
During the festival, people huddle around bonfires and throw rice and popcorn into the flames, thanking god for a good harvest and seek prosperity in the coming year.
Emperor penguins huddle around their chick on Snow Hill Island off the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.
pounds 59.95 from 4 THIS Jubilee Tapestry Cube from Aldi is ideal if you're expecting a huddle around the TV for the celebrations.
Co-operative and Dolen Cymru staff members and Oxfam chief executive Dame Barbara Stocking joined supporters to huddle around a huge honey pot at the Co-operative Food store in Crwys Road, Cardiff, to mark the launch - the aim will be to fill it to the brim by holding fundraising activities.
Packed with big hair, big "tashes", but not so big shorts, the BIG MATCH DVD is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revisiting an era in which families across the land would huddle around the TV every weekend to watch live football beamed into their living rooms.
Pools of people huddle around the televisions, calling at Cue Card, Spirit Son and the rest, the names well-known without the need to ransack the racecard for details.
EVERTONIANS will be doing everything they can to huddle around television screens and computers on Tuesday morning when the UEFA Cup draw is made in Nyon - and there is potential for the Blues to renew some old acguaintances.