howling drunk

howling (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated; loudly drunk. Willy got howling drunk and ran in the streets with his coat off.
See also: drunk, howling
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It was also no doubt good for my own health that the need to convey the Fleet Street legend back to his Tweedo Paradiso forced me to revise my original plan of getting howling drunk and then wandering aimlessly around the centre of the Toon for several hours until I sobered up.
WORST DRAG Sean Bean - The Accused | JIMMY 'Cracker' McGovern's return to penning TV drama opened with an amazing episode in which Sean Bean starred as the least convincing transvestite since Ollie Reed got howling drunk and ran through the washing line in the garden of the next door nunnery.
Sioned continues with her transformation into the devil child as she invites Lois to Penrhewl and gets her howling drunk.
Over the years I have enjoyed some modest success as a public speaker, carefully confining myself to occasions when the audience was likely to be sympathetic, on the basis of shared experience, and so howling drunk that they would laugh at anything at all.
POSSIBLY the most frightening thing ever to appear from behind the beige, velvet back-drop of the Michael Aspel Show was a howling drunk Oliver Reed in the 1980s.