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be a howling success

To be extremely or triumphantly successful. For having such a limited budget, their play turned out to be a howling success. My business was a howling success in the 1980s and '90s, but the advent of the Internet rendered my services obsolete.
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howl like a banshee

To scream, howl, or screech in a very loud, high-pitched, and unsettling manner. Some animal has been howling like a banshee in the alleyway all night long. Kids, stop howling like a banshees back there! I need to focus on driving and I can barely hear myself think!
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screaming fantods

old-fashioned Extreme disquiet of the body and mind; anxious or nervous unease. My poor mother was afflicted with the screaming fantods for the rest of her life following the accident. Just thinking about going out on a stage in front of hundreds of people to give my presentation is enough to give me the screaming fantods.
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howling success

A tremendous triumph, as in Their first play was a howling success. This colloquial expression employs howling in the sense of "very pronounced" or "glaring," a usage dating from the mid-1800s.
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howling (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated; loudly drunk. Willy got howling drunk and ran in the streets with his coat off.
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screaming fantods

and (howling) fantods
n. extreme anxiety; nervous hysteria. (Old. One might call this vintage literary mock colloquial, since it survives in the works of well-known writers and occasional literary use. The origin is unknown, but the Oxford English Dictionary lists Fantad with the same meaning, and cautiously suggests that is related to fantasy and similar words containing fan.) The afternoon’s excitement has left Lady Waddington with a case of the screaming fantods. The reviewer felt that any slang dictionary that excluded “fantods” was defective.
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howling fantods

See also: fantod, howling
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During his research in northern Minnesota, Harrington howled at wolves to trigger responses, which is a standard practice in wolf research (he said a fellow researcher who lacked confidence in his howling ability used a siren with similar results).
Howling said: "We got on like a house on fire, he was a lovely man.
Howling Bells play Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath on June 3 a day after their new album is released.
The dogs who howl when separated from their owners are usually one of the breeds I mentioned who have retained or been selected for howling.
Howling also beat Glyn Robinson in a close fifth game while Newton beat Howling 11-8 in the fifth.
Our results suggest the social relationship can explain more of the variation we see in howling behavior than the emotional state of the wolf," Friederike Range of the Messerli Research Institute at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna said.
We located collared coyotes monthly using a VHF receiver and a 3-element yagi antenna and exposed them to one of the calls at random for the first howling trial.
ANDREW TAIT, Jesmond, Newcastle THE HOWLING WIND The Howling Wind So prim and proper Snapping branches And creeping into doorways I keep my head down as I Walk And think of festive hats and Crackers beside wine and cakes It could have been snow Or ice that rolled the wheely Bin down the street and blew My hat off but no it was the Howling Wind that has no mercy And dances with papers like Michael Jackson and disco girls While seagulls glide and roll And curl and cry Then by chance its all calm And quiet like graveyard Dreams then the Howling Wind returns for a second Rave and blows me up the Hill so I can buy salad and Soup and bread.
Yesterday, Nichola and Steve Grinham were given the go-ahead by civic bosses to continue to keep 16 Siberian huskies in enclosures at their home in Redford, Hamsterley Forest, County Durham, despite locals complaining of howling.
Ninety-year-old Mr Norman Howling, former head of English at Greenhead High School for Girls, has been a tutor with the University of the Third Age (U3A) since it started in Huddersfield in 1984.
Howling winds were rattling the storm shutters on Sandra Thompson's windows at her home in Providenciales in the eight-island British dependency between Haiti and the Bahamas, roughly 600 miles south east of Miami.
Meanwhile, the other Howling Coyote location is staying put - for now, anyway - on Gateway Street just north of Springfield's Gateway Mall.
I continued to cry for quite a while and as I was crying I could hear a wolf outside that seemed to be matching its howls withmy sobs and the howling of the wolf eventually quietened me.
After enduring hours of incessant all-night barking and howling, I feel like I'm living in some inner-city slum -- and not Sherman Oaks.
Jenny Manley, who owns the Howling Dog Kennels in Hythe, Hampshire, has 24 Siberian huskies that howl in the open.