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be a howling success

To be extremely or triumphantly successful. For having such a limited budget, their play turned out to be a howling success. My business was a howling success in the 1980s and '90s, but the advent of the Internet rendered my services obsolete.
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howling success

A tremendous triumph, as in Their first play was a howling success. This colloquial expression employs howling in the sense of "very pronounced" or "glaring," a usage dating from the mid-1800s.
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howling (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated; loudly drunk. Willy got howling drunk and ran in the streets with his coat off.
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screaming fantods

and (howling) fantods
n. extreme anxiety; nervous hysteria. (Old. One might call this vintage literary mock colloquial, since it survives in the works of well-known writers and occasional literary use. The origin is unknown, but the Oxford English Dictionary lists Fantad with the same meaning, and cautiously suggests that is related to fantasy and similar words containing fan.) The afternoon’s excitement has left Lady Waddington with a case of the screaming fantods. The reviewer felt that any slang dictionary that excluded “fantods” was defective.
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howling fantods

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References in classic literature ?
The keen wind still carried the howling of the dogs, though this grew fainter as we went on our way.
I did not know what to do, the less as the howling of the wolves grew closer.
Then for a time there were no blue flames, and we sped onwards through the gloom, with the howling of the wolves around us, as though they were following in a moving circle.
I could not see any cause for it, for the howling of the wolves had ceased altogether.
One by one the wolves joined her, till the whole pack, on haunches, with noses pointed skyward, was howling its hunger cry.
Here a yellow stream flows from rotted moose- hide sacks and sinks into the ground, with long grasses growing through it and vegetable mould overrunning it and hiding its yellow from the sun; and here he muses for a time, howling once, long and mournfully, ere he departs.
The night was coming on, and the light began to be dusky, which made it worse on our side; but the noise increasing, we could easily perceive that it was the howling and yelling of those hellish creatures; and on a sudden we perceived three troops of wolves, one on our left, one behind us, and one in our front, so that we seemed to be surrounded with them: however, as they did not fall upon us, we kept our way forward, as fast as we could make our horses go, which, the way being very rough, was only a good hard trot.
Another of DSI's electronic newcomers is Howling Hounds.
Trainer Paul Howling and jockey Tony Culhane have struck up a profitable partnership recently, and the pair again joined forces to win the five-furlong event with Byo and the 11-furlong claimer with Shaheer.
PAUL HOWLING has solved his problem of where to continue training in Newmarket after coming to an arrangement to lease part of the Warren Place stables made famous by Henry Cecil, writes Graham Green.
Howling added that Shamrock City's absence from action had been partly as a result of interest from potential buyers.
Shamrock City gave trainer Paul Howling the biggest success of his career when winning the Listed Charles Heidsieck Champagne Fairway Stakes at Newmarket yesterday, writes Bruce Jackson.
From the juvenile nonfiction series Comparing Animal Traits comes "Gray Wolves: Howling Pack Mammals," an exciting color photo-illustrated book of introduction to the gray wolf, with chapters of information on what they look like, where they live, pack life, and the life cycle of the gray wolf.
A FORMER owner with Alan Berry and Paul Howling has been jailed for 14 years for masterminding a PS30 million mortgage fraud.
I was on the ground, howling to a pack about a mile away," explains Harrington.