howl at

howl at (someone or something)

1. Of an animal, to make a howling sound at someone or something. Oh geez, the dog's howling at a raccoon or something in the bushes.
2. To laugh uproariously at someone or something. His opening monologue went really well—the audience howled at every joke.
3. To yell at someone or something. Mom really howled at me when she found out that I got a D in biology this semester.
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howl at someone or something

1. Lit. [for a canine] to bay at someone or something. The dog howls at me when I play the trumpet. The wolves howled at the moon and created a terrible uproar.
2. and hoot at someone or something Fig. to yell out at someone or something. The audience howled at the actors and upset them greatly. We hooted at the singer until he stopped.
3. Fig. to laugh very hard at someone or something. Everyone just howled at Tom's joke. I howled at the story Alice told.
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SALINE COUNTY -- Ferrell Hospital and Southeastern Illinois College have partnered for a fundraising event with the world famous Howl at the Moon Dueling Pianos.
Jonah Rice had the idea when he recently visited Howl at the Moon in Chicago.
"We believe fundraisers should be fun, and after seeing the show in Chicago, I know Howl at the Moon will be a great time for everyone in the area, while also raising money for both our community partner, Ferrell Hospital, and for our students," Rice said.
Most of the dogs I have heard who howl at sirens are confined or tethered."
Pups begin to howl at one month old and may, at times, start howls.
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Gaudy T-shirts or paintings seem to suggest that wolves frequently howl at the moon, but no scientific study has established a link between howling and Earth's satellite.
Howl at the Moon, the high energy club famous for its live music shows, is moving into the former Lucky Cheng's space on West 52nd STreet.
Robert Kunikoff and Richard Kave of Lee & Associates NYC, along with Victor Menkin, president of Menkin Realty Services, arranged a long-term lease for Howl at the Moon at 240 West 52nd Street.
Howl at the Moon currently operates clubs in 16 cities from coast to coast.
2), and only one response was elicited with a coyote group-yip howl at a distance > 2.0km.
"He must have been about one when it first started and he would howl at the church bells.
Then he would howl at it because it hadn't gone away, but no dog can alarm bark continuously."
Mythology is rich in art, literature and explanation of why wolves howl at the moon.
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