how's tricks?

how's tricks?

How are you? How is everything in your life? (Said as an informal greeting.) Hey, John, great to see you again! How's tricks?

How's tricks?

Inf. a greeting inquiry. Bob: Fred! How's tricks? Fred: How are you doing, Bob? Bob: Doing great! Bill: What's up? How's tricks? Bob: I can't complain. How are things going for you? Bill: Can't complain.

how's tricks?

used as a friendly greeting. informal

how’s ˈtricks?

(old-fashioned, informal) used as a friendly greeting

how's tricks

Used to make a friendly inquiry about a person or that person's affairs.
See also: trick
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How's tricks? How would I know, I am not a magician or one of Pavlov's puppies, what's with this tricks stuff, anyway.
And the parrot said: "A wright, Andy, how's tricks?"
She came into the room, threw her feet on the table, took off her wig, smiled at Reverend Paisley and said 'Hi babe, how's tricks?'"
I've met Prince Charles a few times and every time he always says, 'How's tricks?' and I've always got to laugh like it's the first time I've ever heard it.
My father has a habit of saying "How's tricks?" when he speaks on the phone.