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hover around (someone or something)

To position oneself near or around someone or something else; to linger near or around someone or something else. If you keep hovering around me like this, I'm going to put you to work setting the table!
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hover between (something) and (something else)

1. Physically, to float or be suspended between two things. The plane hovered between the two runways before it got cleared to make a landing.
2. By extension, to struggle to decide between several options. If she's hovering between those two schools, well, she'll get a great education either way.
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hover over (someone or something)

1. To float or be suspended over someone or something. The plane hovered over the runway before making a smooth landing.
2. To linger near or around someone or something, often when doing so is unwelcome. Dad, I can't get anything done with you hovering over me—quit it! Ugh, the boss has been hovering over me the whole time I've been working on this project.
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hover around (someone or something)

to hang or wait around someone or something. The mugger hovered around the side door to the theater, waiting for a victim. The birds hovered around the bird feeder.
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hover between something (and something else)

1. Lit. to float or hang between things. The helicopter hovered between the buildings and lowered a rescue chair. The hummingbird hovered between the blossoms, sipping from one and then the other.
2. Fig. to waver between choosing one thing and another. I hovered between chocolate and vanilla. Uncle Jed hovered between life and death for days.
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hover over someone or something

1. Lit. to remain suspended over someone or something. The rescue helicopter hovered over the floating sailor. A huge blimp hovered over the football stadium.
2. Fig. [for someone] to stay close to someone or something, waiting, ready to advise or interfere. Please don't hover over me, watching what I am doing. I have to hover over this project or someone will mess it up.
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"We are going to try to apply the hummingbird's wing aspect ratio to drones because if they can hover like the animal, they could even be used to help with disaster relief or hover near buildings," he said.
The new hover card replaces an older design that is much smaller and shows the same information without cover photos and jobs, The Los Angeles Times reports.
dollar hovered below the 91 yen line early Friday in Tokyo, with its further fall prevented by an overnight rise on Wall Street.
'The trend is very much towards 'strength and security in numbers', so for Hovers Swarbrick the merger with another, larger, firm represents a logical step forward.
When comparing my competitive Regional and National Brokerage entities vacancy rate reports with our subscription to listing services and available data, both counties hover between a 14 percent and 17.5 percent vacancy rate, depending on what type of space or buildings are included or excluded from their occupancy or vacancy rate figures.
Cjun King's Beef Pepper Oriental and Chunky Walnut Chicken hover around 30 percent.
"Judging by the size and distance of the dome it apparently hovers over, it would likely be not much bigger than a limousine.
In the Middle East and Eurasia, however, "many symbolic behaviors that are considered modern existed for a time [before the Upper Paleolithic] and then disappeared, to be reinvented time and again," contends Erella Hovers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who directed the Qafzeh project.
Owens's work moves easily from representation to abstraction--or maybe hovers between them--but then, so does most painting since the 1980s, and after Richter and Polke.
The diagridded laminated timber roof hovers over the whole space, seemingly almost floating on the very slender tubular steel columns.
This central, photorealist passage of the painting hovers above the picture plane like a migraine aura (as opposed to the high-art sort, though the Benjaminian notion hovers around here too).
"The pebble appears to reflect the sophisticated, abstract encoding of a message," says Erella Hovers of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, who directed excavation at the Urkan e-Rub IIa site where the engraved stone turned up.
Brilliantly carrying Freud and Valery back to Baudelaire, Benjamin found the trope of shock and catastrophe in the aura: "To perceive the aura of an object we look at means to invest it with the ability to look at us in return." That wonderful formula hovers in our consciousness and perhaps will become even more prevalent as the millennium comes closer.