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hover around (someone or something)

to hang or wait around someone or something. The mugger hovered around the side door to the theater, waiting for a victim. The birds hovered around the bird feeder.
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hover between something (and something else)

1. Lit. to float or hang between things. The helicopter hovered between the buildings and lowered a rescue chair. The hummingbird hovered between the blossoms, sipping from one and then the other.
2. Fig. to waver between choosing one thing and another. I hovered between chocolate and vanilla. Uncle Jed hovered between life and death for days.
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hover over someone or something

1. Lit. to remain suspended over someone or something. The rescue helicopter hovered over the floating sailor. A huge blimp hovered over the football stadium.
2. Fig. [for someone] to stay close to someone or something, waiting, ready to advise or interfere. Please don't hover over me, watching what I am doing. I have to hover over this project or someone will mess it up.
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There's no question that many of the moves currently being ventured, against the Tech tragedy background, are more designed to assuage worried constituents (particularly, the more nervous hoverers among the patents of college students) than from any conviction that they will improve security.
Male customers are divided into two main categories - the hit and run merchants and the shy hoverers.
The hoverers are the easiest to spot," smiles Lisa.
99) is perfect for nervous edge-oool hoverers who will sympathise with anxious little Jim in his armbands looking on while his pals have lots of splashy fun.
Hummingbirds are also hoverers that pollinate tubular flowers [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED]; they are more attracted to red flowers or at least orange or yellow ones.