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house room

Involvement with someone or something. Often used in the negative phrase "not give house room," meaning to avoid someone or something due to wariness. Our group simply will not give house room to close-minded people like that.
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not give (someone or something) houseroom

old-fashioned To completely reject or disdain someone or something; to refuse to have or entertain someone or something. While I admire his confidence in his own writing, by not giving criticisms houseroom, he's actually depriving himself of a valuable insight into how to refine his work. I simply don't give people like that houseroom. They're not welcome around me, and I in turn have nothing to do with them.
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not give something houseroom

be unwilling to have or consider something. British
The word houseroom , dating from the late 16th century, literally means ‘lodging or accommodation in a house’.
1986 Liz Lochhead True Confessions Course I do get the Woman and the Woman's Own plus I swap Options for the Cosmopolitan off our Joy. I wouldn't give Woman's Realm houseroom.
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not give somebody/something ˈhouseroom

(British English) not want somebody/something in your house because you dislike or do not approve of it/them; completely reject somebody/something: I wouldn’t give that ugly old furniture houseroom.She won’t give any of these theories houseroom.
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NOBODY in my neck of the woods would give houseroom to a "tortus" but there are lots of "tortoyces." A regional choice or should I say "chus".
There were some big Art Nouveau oak cupboards that were so depressing I wouldn't give them houseroom. When it comes to wood, the Venetians had the right idea--keep it painted.
Furthermore, under plans laid just two years ago, competition was to be introduced into the last mile by allowing houseroom at the exchanges to other telecom providers, such as Telewest and Cable & Wireless.
Anyway, The Street and possibly Frasier are about the only reasons I can think of for giving the video houseroom.
No longer will "it snow from the heart", not after giving these poems houseroom. Start with the exquisite Scene with Fiddles and stop, "struggling through snowdrifts".
One of the problems is that precious few viewers watching the wretched programme will have the slightest idea of the genuine terror that Orwell's concept of Big Brother could instill, and it is probably television's fault that a `celebrity' is now something to be given the same houseroom as the bubonic plague.
Common sense, it would seem, has gone right out of the window giving houseroom to further nannying from an interfering government who - have no doubt - will soon be issuing guidelines on how to mate, with whom and the preferred units of alcohol to be consumed before the act.
They're starkers staring mad, the lot of them, pathetic sexhibionists who shouldn't be given houseroom on mainstream TV.
SKY and the Beeb are jousting for golf viewers this afternoon and unless you are a chauvinist pig who won't give houseroom to the women's game, the more intriguing sport is being served up by Annika Sorenstam and her mates in the British Open at Royal Lytham.
Sue Lawley looked suitably aghast when Here and Now featured three families who, between them, had given houseroom to a great big hairy tarantula, a giant lizard and a 6ft python.