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household name

A person, thing, or brand that has become widely popular or commonly known. Because it has made reliable and affordable household appliances for over a decade, the company has become a household name. I knew that winning at the Olympics would change my life, but I didn't realize that I would become a household name!
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household word

Something that has become widely popular or commonly known. Due to the widespread adoption of mobile technology, "smartphone" has become a household word.
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*a household name

 and *a household word
Fig. well known by everyone; commonly and widely known. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; make something ~.) I want my invention to become a household word. Some kid named Perry Hodder has become a household name!
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a household name

COMMON If a someone or something is a household name, they are famous or known by many people. In one week, I will have become a household name to every man on Earth. They aim to make Tesco a household name in their country.
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a ˌhousehold ˈname/ˈword

a name/word that is extremely well known: The business she founded made her into a household name.Microsoft is a household name.
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The average monthly house rent in urban areas is around Nu 5,300 while households in rural areas pay around Nu 3,100 per month.
And the country's demographics are shifting toward populations that traditionally have embraced multigenerational households, including Asian and Hispanic families, two of the fastest growing U.
Low income households had an average weekly household income of $475 and their main source of income was government pensions and allowances.
The method we employ to define a Pacific household is to require that at least one of the adults living within the household identifies as Pacific.
Shammas also offers a provocative discussion of global household changes as a point of comparison with current American household organization.
7, 2006, reports that secondary attack rates within households suggested the presence of specific factors and behaviours that may increase the risk of transmission in this setting.
Many, if not most, owners of household pets likely have more prolonged and close contact with their pets than with most other persons.
Dunlap, Golub, & Johnson (2004) found that social fathers tended to practice an authoritarian parenting style sustained by severe violence, and that they often sexually assaulted the girls in the household.
households were food secure throughout the year in 2004, the percentage of households that were food insecure at least some time during the year rose from 11.
Interest rates on financial assets held by households plummeted from 5.
At her employer's health benefits Web site she opens a household planning toolbox and custom builds a health plan for the next year.
The introduction is solidly historicized, though I am uneasy about "the housewife's emerging role as a keeper and caretaker of household stuff" (12).
The average number of people in each household fell from 4.