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During his first term, real house prices rose by 35 percent compared to a previous record of 24 percent for Ronald Reagan's second term.
Wilson crafts her ascension to the position of author, the performer of nonphysical labor, as a revisiting of the house of oppression.
The major holes in houses are in the top and bottom of the house.
Once you understand that," he says, "it makes the whole process of trying to build a tree house with minimal impact much more feasible.
The other place is considered to be so imbued with Sapphira's spirit and so closely associated with Sapphira's--and Miranda's--powerful conjure that the people of Willow Springs keep a respectful, awed, even fearful distance from the house.
The residents seem to like this: in BHC's flagship development, Winchester Greens, there is hot competition to rent the houses with the largest, wraparound porches.
See Jill Franklin, The Gentleman's Country House and its Plan 1835-1914 (London, 1981).
In addition to this cladding the roof of the lower pavilion of the house has been planted with grass and a long strip of the newly constructed garden has been made into a series of stepped, linked pools.
The Credentials Sub-Committee shall report at the beginning of each meeting of the House of Delegates the number of credentialed delegates, alternates, and voting members of the Board of Trustees who are registered and shall make a supplementary report at each House of Delegates business session.
Built for the four some of Schindler, his wife Pauline, and their friends Clyde and Marian Chace, the house provides each occupant with a large private studio for working or relaxing, while the couples shared an entrance hall, bathroom, and an open-air "sleeping basket" on the roof.
ON November 1, The White House will celebrate its 200th birthday.
FOCUS: A 200th-Anniversary Look Back at the History of the White House
House of Representatives, announced he was retiring after 21 years on the job, House leaders seemed interested in a fair process to choose a qualified replacement.
in search of more comfortable living quarters, the couple is starting to build a five-bedroom house from scratch in the nearby town of Armonk.