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Ben, the Governor, departed to England, where he kept a pack of real dainty hounds, but never ceased to long for the old lawless lot.
"Not in those very words, but if we leave an earth unstopped, it is the same as though we wished to save Abu Hussein from the hounds. These writings say: 'Abolish your rulers.' How can we abolish except we kill?
The hound show goes back more than 20 years and it's not all that different from a much smaller version of the Westminster Dog Show.
A NEW monthly music club for blues fans is being launched at the Hare and Hounds pub in Kings Heath this month.
Hound trailing takes place across the country most weekends between October and March.
When it comes to cats--mountain lion, lynx or bobcat--there's really no other regular path to success than enlisting the trailing abilities of sharp-nosed hounds. While the long-winded bear can lead hound and hunter on a merry chase, cats are short-winded and typically tree in short order.
Yard Hound Guard: Monitors trailer traffic through the gate in real-time, and keeps track of which trailers are in the yard and their age.
To be chosen from more than 1,300 hearing dogs, all trained over the past 25 years, the winning Hero Hound will have performed above and beyond in the line of duty and be a life-changing companion for their owner.
One sight hound, the chameleon, uses its excellent vision to spot prey.
Publisher O'Reilly has announced the availability of "Mac OS X Power Hound, Panther Edition" by Rob Griffiths.
The book 'Windows XP Power Hound' reportedly offers users the option to become 'power hounds' as they eliminate confusion, save time, take control and explore the endless possibilities of Windows XP.
For more information about Symphony Sam and Symphony Sam Live!, contact Laura Rosenberg, Hot Springs Music Festival, at (501) 623-4763 or or visit; or contact Carole Katchen, Basset Hound Productions, at (501) 617-4494 or
The Weed Hound features metal prongs at the end of a long handle that are inserted around the weed with a push of the foot, and the weed is pulled up, roots and all.
"Poetry", according to Derek Walcott's 1992 lecture to the Nobel Academy after having won its prestigious prize, "conjugates both tenses simultaneously: the past and the present." His latest book, Tiepolo's Hound, does just that.