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hot up

1. To increase in heat; to heat up (something). Primarily heard in UK. I'm just waiting for this stew to hot up, and then we'll be ready to eat! I'm sorry about that, sir, would you like me to hot up that steak for you?
2. To make or become more intense, interesting, or exciting. Primarily heard in UK. The election campaigns for the local MP are really hotting up. I feel like my relationship with Darren is really beginning to hot up.
See also: hot, up

have the hots for (someone or something)

1. To have a strong sexual attraction to one. I think Jenny has the hots for my brother.
2. By extension, to have a strong desire for something. Dan's always got the hots for the latest technological fads.
See also: have, hots

get the hots for (someone)

To have a strong sexual attraction to one. I think Jenny's got the hots for my brother.
See also: get, hots

have the hots for someone

Sl. to be sexually aroused by someone. Perry has the hots for Earline.
See also: have, hots

have the hots for someone


get the hots for someone

If someone has the hots for you or gets the hots for you, they are very strongly attracted to you sexually. It's obvious Catherine has the hots for Curran. Just as I suspected, Angie. You're starting to get the hots for James.
See also: have, hots, someone

have the hots for

be sexually attracted to. informal
1996 Janette Turner Hospital Oyster One summer night, there was a man with a knife, a man on my own surveying team, a man I fancied, a man I knew had the hots for me.
See also: have, hots

get/have the ˈhots for somebody

(informal) be sexually attracted to somebody: I reckon Jim’s really got the hots for you!
See also: get, have, hots, somebody

have hot pants (for someone)

and have the hots (for someone)
tv. to be sexually aroused over someone in particular; to lust after someone. (Also with got as in the examples.) She really has hot pants for him. Yup, she’s got the hots, all right.
See also: have, hot, pant, someone

have the hots for someone

See also: have, hots, someone

have the hots

See also: have, hots
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Showing nine Polyshot hot-runner systems, including manifolds, hot halves, heated sprue bushings, and multitip systems.
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Complete hot halves can be supplied assembled with prehardened stainless-steel plates and interface mounting holes for the cavity plate.
Standard and special runnerless molding systems and components include hot manifolds, complete bolt-on systems prewired and tested, integrally heated probes, hotsprue bushings/nozzles, two-stage externally heated nozzle filters, thermocouples, and hot-runner temperature controls.
Pre-engineered, standardized hot-runner systems and components include temperature controllers, torpedoes, sprue bushings, probes, thermocouples, modular and integral manifold system, and patented hot sprue bushings and gating bushings that use standard cartridge heaters but equalize the temperature profile to make it suitable for processing engineering resins.
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