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To travel as fast as one can, usually by walking or running. We need to hotfoot it out of here before Mom catches us going through her things!

hotfoot it (off to) (somewhere)

to go somewhere as fast as possible. I've got to hotfoot it off to school. When they heard the police sirens, the thieves hotfooted home.
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hotfoot it out of (somewhere)

to run away from a place. Did you see Tom hotfoot it out of the office when the boss came in? Things are looking bad. I think we had better hotfoot it out of here.
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hotfoot it

Go in haste, walk fast or run. For example, I'll have to hotfoot it to the airport if I'm to meet them. [Slang; c. 1900]
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ˈhotfoot it

(informal) walk or run somewhere quickly: Once the police arrived, we hotfooted it out of there.
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Most of the female half of the Hollyoaks cast hotfooted it to Mathew Street for a sneak preview of some of the most sought after shoes from this season's collection.
Katie, 31, also attended the Peas gig but didn't feel the need to skip alongside her hotfooted hubby.
The Paisley-born Time Lord was live on the GMTV sofa at 7.40am, then hotfooted it over to the BBC studio.
Kevin hotfooted it along Sharp Edge in the Lake District with wife Iris after his granddaughter Freya was treated at the hospital for a liver condition.
But with little sign of injury, sceptics think he has hotfooted itfrom Manchester to avoid the wrath of manager Sir Alex Ferguson.
And after what was expected to be a stormy meeting between the couple, Amy (and her hickey) hotfooted it to Henley to stay with producer pal Mark Ronson, after being advised to get away from the temptations of Camden.
Hotel heiress Nicky Hilton, 23 - avoiding Paris this year - has hotfooted it to 80F Hawaii.