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To travel as fast as one can, usually by walking or running. We need to hotfoot it out of here before mom catches us going through her things!

hotfoot it (off to) (somewhere)

to go somewhere as fast as possible. I've got to hotfoot it off to school. When they heard the police sirens, the thieves hotfooted home.
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hotfoot it out of (somewhere)

to run away from a place. Did you see Tom hotfoot it out of the office when the boss came in? Things are looking bad. I think we had better hotfoot it out of here.
See also: hotfoot, of, out

hotfoot it

Go in haste, walk fast or run. For example, I'll have to hotfoot it to the airport if I'm to meet them. [Slang; c. 1900]
See also: hotfoot

ˈhotfoot it

(informal) walk or run somewhere quickly: Once the police arrived, we hotfooted it out of there.
See also: hotfoot
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On Saturday the fun continues from 10am with all the displays and stalls, Classic Cars in Ty Nant and Civic Square, plus children's entertainment between noon and 3pm, and music from the Hotfoot Jazzmen and Rhyl Silver Band.
Hotfoot also includes the talents of pianist John Peace,and three prominent Phil musicians -Tony Burrage,Ken Johnson and the violinist/composer Richard Gordon Smith.
Welsh Pageant went on to prove himself a top-class miler with his wins including the Lockinge, the Queen Anne and the QEII before proving a successful sire, and Hotfoot also had an excellent career, winning the Coronation, Player-Wills and Peter Hastings Stakes.
After conning his way into the affections of the British male population and the pants of the female population, he managed to hotfoot it from Mexico just before swine flu struck.
ORLANDO (7nts, s/c) Sept 1-24, Gatwick, pounds 475, British Airways (0870 24 33 406); TOBAGO (7nts, s/c) Sept 1-Oct 8, Gatwick, pounds 499, Flight Centre (0870 499 0042); ANTIGUA (7nts, s/c) Sept 1-Oct 8, Gatwick, pounds 499, Hotfoot Holidays (0871 222 5823).
AMATEUR musicians gathered for the annual Hotfoot concert to mark Year of Faith in One City.
lMark Lowry's claim is down to 3lb after his win on Henry Hotfoot (Ted Carter) over Fabrica (Peter Easterby/Jonjo O'Neill) in the second novice hurdle.
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He's so homesick that a week after the Caribbean tour ends he'll hotfoot it to South Africa to play in the IPL.
Cosmos (0870 443 1823); SKIATHOS, (7 nts, s/c), Aug 25, Bristol, pounds 335, Lunn Poly (0870 165 0076); NEW YORK, (2 nts, s/c), Sept 1 - Sept 14, Heathrow, pounds 399, Hotfoot Holidays (0871 222 5823).
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