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sell like hotcakes

To sell something easily and in large quantities. This record has been selling like hotcakes—I can't keep it in stock!
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sell like hotcakes

Fig. [for something] to be sold very fast. The delicious candy sold like hotcakes. The fancy new cars were selling like hotcakes.
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sell like hot cakes


sell like hotcakes

If things sell like hot cakes, people buy large quantities of them in a short time. The software is selling like hot cakes. Her products sold like hotcakes. Note: You can also say that things go like hot cakes. The salesman says they've been going like hot cakes. Note: In American English, `hotcakes' are pancakes, while in British English `hot cakes' are cakes which have just been baked.
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sell (or go) like hot cakes

be sold quickly and in large quantities.
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Denny's current menu features 12 kids' choices, including the junior version of the Grand Slam, plus the popular Smiley-Face Hotcakes and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.
And they are certain to be snapped up like hotcakes.
DETROIT -- Portable DVD systems that include a display screen and player together in one compact unit are selling like hotcakes in Europe.
The IS 300 is selling like hotcakes and bringing an all-new buyer to Lexus.
As a special treat for the season, IHOP is proud to offer Pumpkin Pancakes, along with a new menu item that is sure to be popular, Glazed Hotcakes.
Her latest single - a version of Lionel Ritchie's Hello - is selling like hotcakes, despite music lovers everywhere taking cover.
They've been selling like hotcakes, so pick up a pair before they are all gone.
And don't call him the Pancake Man because he loves his hotcakes.
Dancing the night away to Heather's music was gorgeous Ultimo bra girl MICHELLE MONE who is an entrepreneur and a half, with her gel-filled bras selling like hotcakes.
The Kilmer photos sold like Hollywood hotcakes, says gallery owner Nancy Main.
But be quick, these flights are sure to go like hotcakes.
TROUBLES memorabilia is selling like hotcakes on the Internet.
n More than a third of the calories and twothirds of the fat in an order of Hotcakes come from the syrup and butter.
And it has been selling like hotcakes at Trader Joe's, its exclusive retail outlet.
Niagara, the bubbly blue tonic in the little blue bottle, has been selling like hotcakes in restaurants and nightclubs across the country.