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hotbed of (something)

A place or environment full of something or where something is apt to proliferate, often something unpleasant. It seems our old town has become a hotbed of crime in the years since we've lived there.
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hotbed of something

Fig. a nest of something; a gathering place of something. This office is a hotbed of lazy people. My class is a hotbed of nerds.
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hotbed of something

n. a nest of something; a gathering place of something. This office is a hotbed of lazy people.
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For his part, academic Slaheddine Ben Frej said the majority of Tunisians are against the phenomenon of terrorism despite the fact that most terrorists in hotbeds of tension are Tunisians.
The post Pope condemns synagogue attack, calls for end to 'hotbeds of hate' appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In a speech before business leaders in Malacanang on Tuesday, the President downplayed Robredo's capability as his successor and said that she could not improve on things as Naga City was 'the hotbed of shabu in the past years.'
"Although the militants hotbeds were built underground, the troops were able to destroy them after receiving intelligence reports on their locations," the senior security official pointed out.
After identifying Uttarakhand as the hotbed of conversion, several RSS affiliates and umbrella organisations have started holding special camps to educate Hindu masses about the ' conversion problem' in the state and amid those who have migrated out of their native place in Uttarakhand.
According to him, around 600 Muslim Albanians are engaged in military activities in Syria, and IRC of Macedonia will initiate a project to stop the recruitment of believers in the military hotbeds. (end)
The hotbeds of Maoists is under a tight security blanket, as the country holds its general election in nine stages between April 7 and May 12.
Those areas are not exactly progressive hotbeds compared with Manhattan's west side.
They are fast growing success stories crossing a wide range of sectors from consumer products, financial services and retail to high tech hotbeds such as software, computers and electronics and telecommunications."
In taking Fallujah and other terrorist hotbeds back from insurgents, our soldiers and Marines ran into a lot of close-range explosions that tore off arms and legs, forever deprived them of sight and hearing, and caused other devastating disabilities.
The United States has unfortunately followed in the footsteps of Britain in this part of the world and made the matters much worse in the second half of the century by introducing the Green Belt doctrine during the Cold War, which ignored Saudi missionary activity and created guerrilla hotbeds such as Afghanistan, albeit against the Soviets.
A story lauding a resident for bringing a large jazz festival to a tiny town says that generally only big cities are "hotbeds" of jazz.
Novacek's fieldwork along the way has included fossil hotbeds around the world.