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hotbed of (something)

A place or environment full of something or where something is apt to proliferate, often something unpleasant. It seems our old town has become a hotbed of crime in the years since we've lived there.
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hotbed of something

Fig. a nest of something; a gathering place of something. This office is a hotbed of lazy people. My class is a hotbed of nerds.
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hotbed of something

n. a nest of something; a gathering place of something. This office is a hotbed of lazy people.
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Meanwhile, Regional Director Ariel Bernardo of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency nodded to signify his confirmation of the "hotbed" tag.
It is also just the kind of investment that Hotbed members want us to present to them.
Even then the hotbed is really confined to Tyne and Wear.
The Hotbed members invested in units of pounds 25,000 and in return they will own around 40 per cent of the company.
Hotbed Media makes television programmes both for the BBC and commercial channels, including Everything Must Go, Solution Street, Star Portraits with Rolf Harris and even a Songs of Praise Christmas Special.
Business people who are active church leaders cannot identify ways that their faith is a resource for their work lives, and pastors, who profess admiration of congregants who are business leaders, describe corporate America as a hotbed of greed and corruption.
The idyllic landscape of Concord, Massachusetts has long been a hotbed for radical thinking, from Revolutionary War days to the Transcendentalists.
The school system is located in the Research Triangle, a hotbed of high technology research and education formed by North Carolina State University in Raleigh, Duke University in Durham, and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.
Located on the banks of the Ohio River, Ripley was a hotbed of activity for the Underground Railroad.
He imposed the light-hearted ban as he wants his Italian restaurant to be a hotbed of support for Liverpool in the buildup to the big match - a bit of a problem for bar manager and lifelong Milan fan Antonello Riu, who wears his AC shirt every day on the way to work
THE workplace is a hotbed of DVD piracy and bosses are ignoring the problem.
Top Secrets Revealed: The Hassle Free Approach To Car Buying & Leasing by professional auto buying consultant Marc Vanasse is a hotbed of tips, tricks, and techniques to save the dedicated auto shopper money.
A hotbed of legal activity has surrounded several drugs used to treat the 20 million Americans with osteoarthritis and 2 million people struggling with rheumatoid arthritis nationwide.
American Connie Mason's book The Laird Of Stonehaven portrays the town the birthplace of deep fried Mars bars as a hotbed of passion.
The novel has generated a great deal of press and has likely sparked much discussion on a number of hotbed topics.