hot diggety

hot diggety

An exclamation of excitement or pleasant surprise. Hot diggety! I can't wait to try out my new motorbike! Our application was approved? Well, hot diggety!
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Hot diggety (dog)!

 and Hot dog!; Hot ziggety!
Inf. an expression of excitement and delight. (These expressions have no meaning and no relationship to dogs or to wieners.) Rachel: I got an A! Hot diggety dog! Henry: Good for you! Tom: You won first place! Mary: Hot ziggety!
See also: hot
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Hot diggety !

See also: hot
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The fee isn't much (Bunnell charges $55 and Flagler County another 15 bucks per lawyer), but hey, that's several gourmand lunches at my favorite eatery, Hot Diggety Dog on U.S.
England World Cup shirts for canines are the brainchild of Marianne Finch, managing director of Lichfield pet accessory company Hot Diggety Dog.
Minnie, Marianne Finch's English springer spaniel, models a canine T-shirt from Hot Diggety Dog, of Lichfield.
Listeners of my generation might well spot a couple of old pop-song sources among that collection: 'Hot diggety dog diggety' from Espana and 'Catch a falling star' from Iberia.