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For example, food safety is a hot button for consumers and farmers--the whole threat of bioterrorism and security is vital to all of us.
Herald suggests that the civil unions issue may not be a political hot button in November after all.
Just press the hot button, and you can destroy your opponent by revealing his sex life, real or imagined--it makes no difference if you have the hard-soft cash to buy time for a TV ad or to finance something like Gary Bauer's Family Research Council, where gays are compassionately demonized for having made a "a bad choice" in the cafeteria of sexual delights when, with a bit of therapy or prayer, they could change and become as wretched as those sad straights, half of whom are doomed to undergo divorce, battles over child custody, and charges of overpopulating the planet (if only from me) while glumly submitting, if in office--if oval-shaped--to the eager, if incompetent (the navy blue dress
I need to find out how to push their hot button, so to speak.
the week-long intensive program will focus on hot button environmental and social issues and feature high profile trainers and guest lecturers.
Under the guise of protecting America's families or spouting Christian values, this group of right-wing crusaders is pushing the following issues: The curtailment of funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, always a hot button for conservatives on a mission to protect the population from government-funded pornography; opposition to partial birth abortions, a horrific procedure that, while unfortunate, impacts but a few thousand women annually; and, in the only rational position that has any broad-base of support, an end to the marriage tax penalty.
The hot button there is confidence - confidence in the local economy.
Story To Tell" includes songs where Wheelz addresses hot button topics such as religion and world issues as well, in addition to people he knows who have been in prison a long time.
com commented: "Frankly, we were surprised at the prevalence of the problem - this is clearly a hot button for HR managers.
Kevin Rafferty, president of SunGard's STN business unit, said, "Delta Data's Revenue Manager and market timing analytics components are widely recognized as industry leading solutions for mutual fund fee management and frequent trade monitoring, particularly as they apply to the hot button issues of revenue accrual, allocation, control and 22c-2 compliance.
Reports, maintained online, can quickly be checked for compliance to corporate policy, a hot button issue these days.
The major hot button issues that we are watching now, however, are what happens with revenue sharing and the potential extension of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).
As security remains a hot button issue within both legislation and corporate responsibility, these tracks will provide attendees with an inside look at best practices and strategic solutions.
A major customer hot button is how problems in SDC files cause major roadblocks to design implementation," said Michael Munsey, vice president of marketing for Silicon Dimensions.