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hospital pass

1. In sports, especially rugby, a pass to a teammate who will be heavily tackled as a result. Their scrum half took a devastating blow after that hospital pass from his flanker.
2. A task, project, or case (as in law) that will result in or bring a great amount of criticism upon the person to whom it is assigned. No one likes having to take a case defending the murderer of a child, but every person is entitled to legal representation. I suppose I'll just have to accept that this will be a hospital pass for me.
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in hospital

Receiving medical or surgical treatment, care, or attention at a hospital. Primarily heard in UK. My grandmother is in hospital again for hip surgery. I heard you were in hospital last week! Are you all right?
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in the hospital

Receiving medical or surgical treatment, care, or attention at a hospital. My grandmother is in the hospital again for hip surgery. I heard you were in the hospital last week! Are you all right?
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rush to the hospital

1. To travel to the hospital as quickly as possible. I rushed to the hospital when I heard my wife had gone into labor. It's just a minor cut. No need to rush to the hospital or anything.
2. To transport someone to the hospital as quickly as possible. We rushed him to the hospital after he collapsed on the floor. We had to rush the woman to the hospital in a helicopter because of her remote location.
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rush someone to the hospital

to take someone to the hospital very quickly. They had to rush her to the hospital because she had stopped breathing. We rushed Uncle Harry to the hospital after he complained of chest pains.
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"This new building ought to have been in harmony with the hospital. It was an afterthought, and was begun without a plan."
Vronsky, having finished his talk with the architect, joined the ladies, and led them inside the hospital.
House-surgeon, from 1882 to 1884, at Charing Cross Hospital.
I married, and so left the hospital, and with it all hopes of a consulting practice.
Just then a commissariat soldier, a hospital orderly, came in from the next room, marching stiffly, and drew up in front of Rostov.
"Good day, your honor!" he shouted, rolling his eyes at Rostov and evidently mistaking him for one of the hospital authorities.
"'Under these circumstances, I could only wait to hear from the hospital when the patient was sufficiently recovered to be able to speak to me.
"'At last I received a message from the hospital informing me that Mercy Merrick was out of danger, and that she was capable
"That means another addition to the hospital. We've got to get them ashore somehow.--Viaburi!
He saw the wind making on the clouded horizon, and thought of the sick in the hospital. Here was something waiting his hand to be done, and it was not in his nature to lie down and sleep, or die, when any task remained undone.
Farebrother's attendance at the hospital should be superseded by the appointment of a chaplain--of Mr.
Lydgate, that I should have no interest in hospitals if I believed that nothing more was concerned therein than the cure of mortal diseases.
0., who learned from the regimental chaplain that Bobby was considerably more in request in the hospital tents than the Reverend John Emery.
Tekla, the ex-lady companion of Madame de S , haunted his bedside at the hospital. We met once or twice at the door of that establishment, but on these occasions she was not communicative.
Jurgis was ready to leave the hospital at the end of two weeks.
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