dated slang Any illegal or habit-forming drugs. Hey, man, you know where a guy can score some mahoska in this town?


1. n. narcotics; any contraband. (Underworld.) The tall pinstriper asked where he could get some mahoska.
2. n. energy; strength; moxie. The guy’s got mahoska and guts!


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Navajo Nation Chief of Police Hoska Hoskie Thompson who, on October 21, 1949, succumbed to freezing temperatures while trying to serve civil papers at a remote canyon area on the Navajo Reservation near the Arizona-New Mexico border.
A recipe for hoska is made with a 1/2 cup plus two tablespoons of butter.
And many cultures around the world produce rich, celebratory egg breads (the Czechs' Hoska, often eaten around Christmastime, is even braided), but their recipes almost invariably include milk.