hose down

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hose (someone or something) down

To use a hose to douse or clean someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used in between "hose" and "down." The dog got all muddy on our walk, so I have to hose him down before we come inside. OK, you can start hosing down the car now.
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hose someone or something down

to wash something down with water from a hose. Hose her down to cool her off and maybe she will do the same for you. Please hose down the driveway. Hose it down.
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hose someone down

Sl. to kill someone. (Underworld. From the image of spraying someone with bullets.) Mr. Big told Sam to hose Wilbur down. The thugs tried to hose down the witness.
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To clean the coral, divers take a suction hose down to the reef.
At present, people can hose down a yacht or fill an outdoor hot tub during a drought.
At present, people can hose down a yacht or fill an outdoor hot tub during a drought, but they cannot water their garden or wash their car with a hose.
While central banks try to hose down the mkt's fear-flames with money, it doesn't change the liquidity problem.
You can spray for aphids, but if you don't want to use chemicals, use a dilute solution of washing up liquid, or give the plant a good hose down every few evenings or so.
HOSE DOWN: Firefighters compete with ladders and hoses in the Toughest Firefighter Alive event; TEAM SPIRIT: Merseyside firefighters line up in Germany before the events
LDPI Lighting has introduced a line of industrial lighting fixtures designed and suited for wet locations and high-pressure hose down applications either indoors or outdoors.
Whatever the manner of Campbell's upbringing, the methods typically employed by the Vancouver Police to "hose down" the Eastside have been called into question in the past.
Some exhibitors have even been caught snaking a hose down their steer's mouth right before showing, to give the animal the appearance of more weight gain.
Then, clamp the hose down over the copper tubing with a small screw-type heater hose clamp, and then cover with several wraps of professional-grade duct tape.
FULL marks to Stratford for providing a piped supply of cold water to hose down horses as soon as they returned to the unsaddling enclosure last Saturday.