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drink from a fire hose

To take on or be inundated by more of something (i.e., work, responsibility, information, etc.) than one is capable of handling. My first day on the job was like drinking from a fire hose—they threw so much at me that I don't know how I'll remember any of it.
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be home and hosed

To have successfully completed something, as a project or activity. Primarily heard in Australia. I just need to list one more source for this essay and then I'll be home and hosed.
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fire hose

A strong, heavy stream of something. When I defended my dissertation, it felt like the questions were coming at me like a fire hose.
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home and hosed

Assuredly successful. Primarily heard in Australia. I'm pretty sure I did well on that last exam, so it looks like I'm home and hosed for the semester.
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hose someone down

Sl. to kill someone. (Underworld. From the image of spraying someone with bullets.) Mr. Big told Sam to hose Wilbur down. The thugs tried to hose down the witness.
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hose someone or something down

to wash something down with water from a hose. Hose her down to cool her off and maybe she will do the same for you. Please hose down the driveway. Hose it down.
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heart sinks, one's

One's courage or hope fails; one is very disappointed or dejected. For example, An hour before the picnic I heard thunder and my heart sank. This expression was first recorded in 1605 but was preceded in the 15th century by one's heart is at one's heels or in one's hose or in one's shoes . The present (and only surviving) usage was first recorded in 1605.
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home and hosed

successful in achieving your objective. chiefly Australian & New Zealand
1998 Times The championship was over, Manchester United were home and hosed.
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air hose

n. invisible socks; no socks. How do you like my new air hose? One size fits all.
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1. n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his hose and ran for the bedroom.
2. tv. & in. to copulate [with] a woman. (Usually objectionable.) You don’t like her, you just want to hose her!
3. tv. to cheat or deceive someone; to lie to someone. Don’t try to hose me! I’m onto you!

hose someone down

tv. to kill someone. (Underworld. From the image of spraying someone with bullets.) The thugs tried to hose down the witness.
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