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slang Nonsense or foolishness. Often used as an exclamation to emphasize that something is nonsense. Oh, that's just horsefeathers, and you know it. A: "Tim said he wants to sell the farm!" B: "Horsefeathers! I said no such thing!"

horsefeathers to you

An expression of annoyance and dismissal directed at the offending party. If you don't want to come to my party, then horsefeathers to you!
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exclam. Phooey!; Nonsense! Horsefeathers! I did no such thing!
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Annabelle's Antique Mall, West Point Antique Aly, Ridgeland Antique Mall of the South, Ridgeland Horsefeathers Mall 182, Starkville
Horsefeathers Therapeutic Riding Equestrian Center in Lake Forest is a hippotherapy treatment center, where horseback riding is used to improve coordination, balance, and strength.
While that sounds reasonable, it is, in fact, a bucket-load of horsefeathers. The truth is that, as noted in the Processor newsletter, more than a third of today's new computer buyers choose to "downgrade" to Windows XP rather than buy a Vista-loaded machine.
A stylish crowd gathers around the--what else?--horseshoe-shaped bar at downtown's one-year-old HorseFeathers. (And if you're already hitched, sit in a corner and enjoy the duck confit or lobster tower.)
The newest creation from Fiscalini Farms, Horsefeathers, is made from the company's raw-milk San Joaquin Cheddar.
He came back later and said Charlie had told him, "Why don't you forget about that econometric horsefeathers, and go read ten great books in economics," which the student did, no doubt to his benefit.
In North Conway the popular haunts include Delaney's, Horsefeathers and The Moat.
In the film Horsefeathers, Groucho Marx sings a song that goes "Your proposition may be good, but let's get one thing understood, I'm against it".
A spreadable cheddar dubbed Horsefeathers is a balanced blend of San Joaquin cheddar, sour cream and horseradish, which creates terrific canapes and perks up baked potatoes, vegetables or prime rib.
Today Fiscalini makes a variety of cheddars, including Horsefeathers a gentle horseradish spread, Purple Moon, a Cabernet-soaked cheddar, and San Joaquin Gold.
Reminds me of the Groucho Marx song from the film Horsefeathers - Whatever It Is I'm Against It.
Frederic Colin Hanlon Pirate King Jonathan Brody Ruth/Major General Martin Van Treuren Mabel Montego Glover Police Sergeant Jimmy Bennett Gilbert Mike Lesser Sullivan Lesley Blumenthal Even sliced, diced and tricked up in contemporary horsefeathers, the 1879 Gilbert & Sullivan operetta still charms the pants off an audience -- especially when that audience has to crawl around on its hands and knees to follow the action of the show in its spectacular setting: the open deck of the Peking, a majestic four-masted barque moored at the South Street Seaport.
He wrote for the New Yorker, most famously scripted for the Marx Brothers on Horsefeathers and Monkey Business and for Mike Todd on Around the World in Eighty Days.
Before and after that, the comic brought several words and phrases into the American vernacular, including "bodacious," "heebie- jeebies," "horsefeathers," and "time's a-wastin'."
His thoughts on the matter range from the Marx Brothers' Horsefeathers (1933) to the Berkeley Free Speech movement of the sixties to the writings of Noam Chomsky (as exemplified by the documentary film Manufacturing Consent).