horse of another color

horse of another color

Something completely different or separate, especially in comparison to something else. I've always found math to be easy, but calculus is a horse of a another color.
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(a) horse of another color

 and a horse of a different color
Fig. another matter altogether. I was talking about trees, not bushes. Bushes are a horse of another color. Gambling is not the same as investing in the stock market. It's a horse of a different color.
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a horse of another (or different) colour

a thing significantly different.
1975 Sam Selvon Moses Ascending Two or three is okay, but when you start bringing in a battalion, it is a horse of a different colour.
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a horse of another color

An entirely different matter. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare had a character say, “My purpose is, indeed, a horse of that colour,” meaning “the very thing.” It's not difficult to see how that phrase would be changed to “a horse of another color” to mean the opposite. Other formerly popular equine expressions are “don't change horses in midstream” (stick to your original plan); “get off your high horse” (don't be so proud or smug); “don't beat a dead horse” (don't waste your time); “one-horse town” (a tiny rural community); and “horse show” (derisive college slang term for a debutante cotillion).
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A small Colorado town harbors a close-held secret about its children; but if this theme portends a Stephen King-like story, think again: Chasers is truly a horse of another color, and is a gem of a read in more ways than one.
Guitar Odyssey is a horse of another color, however, offering a rare glimpse into the efforts and frustrations of a would-be musician who had only some basic playing under his belt before attempting what turned out to be a formidable challenge: "I am going to learn the guitar solo from Deep Purple's "Highway Star," even if it kills me.
Add equines into the mix and you have a truly different horse of another color in Claimed, which ultimately revolves around the rescue of not only Mac, but the world she comes to cherish.
Gotcha Gas - Debacle Near Roswell is a fictional piece about a host of snafus and bungling on the part of military and individuals near Roswell - but any who anticipate another straightforward (or straight-faced) exploration of alien abduction will find Gotcha Gas is a horse of another color.
If you're a fan of murder mysteries but eschew the usual genre-formatted adventures that offer too-predictable protagonists and not enough depth, it's time to take a look at Buried Threads: a horse of another color.
Don't expect your typical murder mystery setting or characters with Hot Minnesota Sex Death: this is a horse of another color, is set in the utopian town of Nede, and revolves around town leaders who die during a sexually challenging act, sparking the interest and investigation of son Inger, whose inquiry into his parents' death leads him on a strange path indeed.