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As soon as his horned friend were down, William turned, clinked off like a long-dog, and jumped safe over hedge, before the praying bull had got on his feet again to take after him.
Ay, that have I," quoth Robin, laughing loudly again, "five hundred and more horned beasts have I and my brothers, and none of them have we been able to sell, else I might not have turned butcher.
quoth Robin, "well thou knowest that so many horned cattle are worth seven hundred pounds and more, and even that is but small for them, and yet thou, with thy gray hairs and one foot in the grave, wouldst trade upon the folly of a wild youth.
Then, good Robert o' Locksley," quoth the Sheriff, "I will come this day to see thy horned beasts.
Then Robin Hood came close to the Sheriff and pointing his finger, he said, "These are my horned beasts, good Master Sheriff.
Nay," cried he, "stay awhile, for I would thou shouldst see my brothers, who own these fair horned beasts with me.
Then is the time to feed up your horned oxen in the byre; for it is easy to say: `Give me a yoke of oxen and a waggon,' and it is easy to refuse: `I have work for my oxen.
Then the horned and unhorned denizens of the wood, with teeth chattering pitifully, flee through the copses and glades, and all, as they seek shelter, have this one care, to gain thick coverts or some hollow rock.
To find the answer, scientists decided to compare scars on the skulls of Triceratops with those on the skulls of a different horned dinosaur, Centrosaurus (SEN-troh-SAW-rus).
This study also examined the four species of wild sheep and four other horned species.
A horned male will guard the entrance to a tunnel housing a female and fight off intruders.