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But today, you might only have two days to get a bid together, so you end up relying heavily on your title company, which we do with Horizon.
In addition to NRK Management, Horizon has worked with a number of the region's most important investment, legal and financing companies, including: Credit Suisse First Boston Corp.
The Horizon Organic Producer Education program helps us secure future organic milk supply and ensure Horizon Organic can provide a sustainable future for family farms while continuing to meet growing consumer demand, "says Jule Taylor, vice president of dairy operations for Horizon Organic.
Farmer partners like the Laing family allow Horizon Organic to remain true to its commitment to provide high quality natural and organic foods to as many people as possible.
Horizon Resource Group is the first and only group purchasing organization (GPO) of its type for institutions of higher education.
Louis is a strong proponent of group purchasing and finds great value in its relationship with Horizon Resource Group.
For Horizon Organic, expanding acreage in organic agriculture is a key tenet of its mission because it sustains the livelihood of family farmers, benefits the environment, supports better health and ensures the humane treatment of animals.
In 2005, through the organic agricultural practices of both its farmer partners and company-owned farms, Horizon Organic has kept more than 14.
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, with headquarters in Newark, is New Jersey's largest health insurer providing coverage to more than 3.
Bright Horizons Family Solutions is the world's leading provider of employer-sponsored child care, early education and work/life services, managing more than 600 early care and family centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.
Its founders and co-presidents Stephen Kramer and Michael London will lead the College Coach division of Bright Horizons, bringing with them the talented team of staff and educators who serve clients' needs while helping families with workshops and one-on-one counseling on topics ranging from saving for college to homework and study skills to selecting the right college and preparing college applications.
Bright Horizons Family Solutions is ranked 37th on the 50 "Best Workplaces in UK" list, a tribute to the organisation's commitment to its employees and the employees' commitment to each other as they work to support children and families.
These New Horizons Learning Centers have earned this superior status by taking their business to a level few training organizations in the world can match," said Dave Sundstrom, senior vice president of sales and marketing for New Horizons.
Corporations that send their IT professionals to receive training at New Horizons have taken a significant step forward in protecting their infrastructure from costly and potentially debilitating security attacks.
Nu Horizons today has 16 Asia Pacific sales locations: Greater China (Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Taipei), India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi), Thailand (Bangkok), Malaysia (Penang), Singapore and South Korea (Seoul).