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The energy-efficient knight can hop thousands of times on a 20-gram fuel tank, enabling it to wander for at least several kilometers before running out of gas.
In October, Atlantic Hops helped sponsor two courses on small-scale hops production held in Cooperstown, NY.
As is the custom among hops dealers in Europe, the hop flowers at the brewery were displayed in rows in purple sheaves of paper, each a different farmer's lot.
A huge but enticingly mellow hop bomb from Sierra Nevada.
The ale has a balanced caramel character and malt body that really lets the hops shine through.
In 1999, Yasheng Group introduced substantial new varieties of hops from the USA, UK and Germany, and sorted out a number of high quality, high yield, and tough variety to grow in China.
An annual hop bouquet sent from Bend, OR, to hop lovers around the country.
The most purely quaffable of the fresh hop ales in this tasting.
Dunn says brewing with fresh hops requires five times the hop volume of pelletized hops.
Independence Hop Ale is brewed with 8 ingredients: Two-row, Munich, Caramel Wheat and Carafoam malts, fresh, unkilned Centennial and Cascade hops, Rogue's proprietary Pacman yeast and "free range coastal water.
Hops were once a leading specialty crop in New York, but the last beer made entirely from New York-grown hops was brewed in the 1950s, he said.
was the number one producer of hops in the world in 1999, producing 31% of the world's supply on 24% of the world's hop acreage.
Mounds of fresh, green Cascade hops will be taken directly from the hop fields to the kettles and brewed into a one-of-a-kind ale that can be enjoyed right on premise at Grant's.
This architecture can reduce the multiple network hops information often takes to reach its final destination on the Internet, and can allow AboveNet to keep the information on its network intact until it can be delivered as close as possible to its final destination.
It's the hops -- the aromatic herb used to balance the sweet malt sugars in beers.