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The Keeloq hopping code technology complements Microchip's long-term strategy to focus on broad vertical markets with high-performance low-cost standard products," said Steve Sanghi, president and CEO of Microchip.
The hopping code methodology, which has several patents pending, circumvents code capturing since a different code is used with each successive transmission.
Prince understands the need for creating highly secure RF systems and selected the KEELOQ code hopping technology because of its versatility, robustness and presence in this market," said Dr.
Microchip today introduced a new family of KEELOQ code hopping devices which provides "rock-solid" security in remote-keyless-entry (RKE) systems using infrared, radio frequency or microwave transmissions, as well as highly secure smart card solutions.
KEELOQ Code Hopping Technology Offers "Rock-Solid" Security
In order to provide the necessary protection when thieves are circumventing these high-tech security measures, code hopping technology is required.
The HCS300/HCS301 contains a programmable 28-bit serial number to identify the transmitter and a 64-bit encryption key unique to each device that is used to generate a 32-bit hopping code to practically eliminate the possibility of unwanted access from code grabbing and scanning.
In November 1995, Microchip acquired the KEELOQ code hopping technology and patents and patent applications developed by Nanoteq of South Africa, along with the worldwide marketing rights.
Intrusic, the first and only security software company to specifically target the insider threat, today announced the second part of its "Inside the Insider Threat" educational initiative that explores one of the most prevalent methods hackers use to infiltrate corporate networks--Island Hopping.
The machines now under development in California and New Mexico represent a new type of hopping robot because they don't maintain continuous motion or balance.
Teradyne (NYSE: TER) announced today that it will introduce and demonstrate its new Frequency Hopping option, enhancing its third generation of wireless/RF and Microwave instrumentation -- the MicroWAVE6000(TM) suite, available on both Catalyst Family and the A5 Family of Test Systems -- at the International Test Conference.
The Lexus RX 300 uses the HCS300 KEELOQ code hopping encoder, designed to be the transmitter portion of secure RKE systems.
Microchip's patented KEELOQ code hopping technology combines high security, a small package outline and a very low cost to make this an ideal solution for unidirectional remote-keyless entry (RKE) systems.
Key Hopping from NextComm is based on MD5, the same technology used in secure credit card authentication over the wireline Internet.