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This taxonomical schema suggests that there are indeed "non-radical" modes of hoping which negate the utopian impulse and provide the corollary to Moylan's "radical hope." It also suggests, however, that the concept of "radical hope" encompasses both critical and transformative hope.
From exercise and healthy foods to herbals and yogurt, they are hoping to do 7 percent more of more kinds of things to stay healthy than their male counterparts.
We talk about longing for or hoping for the Kingdom of God, but we are taught that the Kingdom of God is both the hope and promise of the future and a part of our lives today.
Now, some developers and property owners are hoping Sunset Park's future will be similar to that of DUMBO and Greenpoint, which have gone through significant rezoning from industrial to residential and have experienced robust development activity.
But we were hoping that he was the one who would liberate Israel.
After years of bloodshed, we hold our breath again, hoping against hope that it will be a lasting peace.
These findings show that the phenomenon of hope can be generalized (the process of hoping) and particularized (the substance of hope).
Most gay leaders seem to have been waiting, almost hoping, that Bush would be a complete monster in the realm of gay rights--a desperate hope shared by the antigay movement.
Hope is picturing a reality that is not yet present but is real and possible for people who are hoping, and that propels people to move on even at the darkest times.