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I also comforted him with a hot Scotch whisky; gave him another one; then still another -- hoping always for his story.
She was always watching for black and shiny and spirited horses - watching, hoping, despairing, hoping again; always giving chase and sounding her call, upon the meagrest chance of a response, and breaking her heart over the disappointment; always inquiring, always interested in sales-stables and horse accumulations in general.
After years of bloodshed, we hold our breath again, hoping against hope that it will be a lasting peace.
GD strives for positive world change through a paradigm shift in thinking about global challenges, and creates a new language based on universal human communication, hoping to inspire solutions to world problems.
Bill Ramsey, a self-appointed Hollywood guide, recalled the day he appeared at a Hope rehearsal as a 7-year-old boy in Austin, Texas, hoping to get an autograph.
Bill Ramsey, 47, a self-appointed Hollywood guide, recalled eagerly appearing at a Hope rehearsal as a 7-year-old boy in his native Austin, Texas, hoping to catch an autograph.