hope springs eternal

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Hope springs eternal (in the human breast).

Prov. People will continue to hope even though they have evidence that things cannot possibly turn out the way they want. (From Alexander Pope's poem, "Essay on Man." Sometimes used to remark that you believe someone's situation is hopeless, as in the first example.) Jill: The boss may have turned me down the first twelve times I asked for a raise, but this time I really think she'll give it to me. Jane: Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Alan: You're not still trying to teach the dog to shake hands! Jane: Hope springs eternal.
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hope springs eternal

People will keep on hoping, no matter what the odds. For example, I keep buying lottery tickets-hope springs eternal. This expression was coined by Alexander Pope ( An Essay on Man, 1732) and quickly became proverbial.
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hope springs eternal

it is human nature always to find fresh cause for optimism.
This is a shortened version of Alexander Pope's line in An Essay on Man ( 1733 ): ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’.
1992 Angela Lambert A Rather English Marriage Hope springs eternal—she smiled wryly—even in Tunbridge Wells .
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ˌhope springs eˈternal

(saying) human beings never stop hoping: She’s sure that he’ll come back to her one day. I’m not so sure, but hope springs eternal.This comes from An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope: ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’.
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However, hope springs eternal at Sharmans Cross and with their ambitious, attacking style Bees have more than a chance of beating Moseley, who have nothing to play for, but they will need a big game from fly-half Ben Patston.
Hope springs eternal, but the possibility that 2,000 missing PAYE documents are still within the confines of the Birmingham tax office five weeks after they went missing seems remote.
Still, hope springs eternal, and McLeish was in relaxed mood during the countdown to the draw.
But hope springs eternal, and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Task Force on Jobs and the Economy is developing a recommendation that would call for a new charter reform commission to help make the city more business-friendly.
Hope springs eternal for the Beavers, who play host to UCLA next Saturday.
Still, hope springs eternal and they must have felt that Dinas could turn the tide.
However, hope springs eternal and Kelleway went on: ''But I've bought 10 yearlings and I'm going to Ireland tomorrow to look for some more and we'll start all over again.
Nevertheless, hope springs eternal, with 88% indicating that, if they knew how to find the right partner, they would do the work necessary to meet him or her.
Obviously, entrepreneurial hope springs eternal, but hope alone won't end the increase in business obituaries; it will take better information, better delivered.
HOPE springs eternal in the land of Hoops and glory after Yossi Benayoun inflicted Wigan's first defeat in 11 games - and was then harshly sent off.
Hope springs eternal among Cardiff Blues fans that by returning to Cardiff Arms Park, there will be a proper rugby atmosphere at home games - terrace banter, beer before and after the game, booing the ref and touch judges, all part of the enjoyment.
St Nicholas Abbey, a former Racing Post Trophy winner who also went into the Guineas unbeaten, was an expensive flop in the race for the trainer two years ago, so hope springs eternal for Camelot's rivals.
Philosophy's hope springs eternal pounds 16 This gorgeously scented ultra-fine facial mist is just the ticket after a long haul trip.
Hope springs eternal in the breast, and I keep hoping for the best;
Each new qualifying campaign arrives and despite what will reach half a century of hurt, hope springs eternal that Wales can finally reach the finals of a major tournament.