hope not

(I) hope not.

a phrase expressing the desire and wish that something is not so. John: It looks like it's going to rain. Jane: Hope not. John: The Wilsons said they might come over this evening. Jane: I hope not. I've got things to do.
See also: hope, not
References in classic literature ?
A conspicuous, and it is hope not unpleasant, feature of the book
I hope not," he replied, trying to look cheerful; and with a forced smile presently added, "It is I who may rather expect to be ill--for I am now suffering under a very heavy disappointment
No, no, John," said the doctor, "I hope not," and in a minute we had left John far behind.
No, truly," said the gossip, "I hope not, though I fancy we have sluts enow too.
He was a married man, with a wife in Leith; but whether or no he had a family, I have now forgotten; I hope not.
I should hope not," said the young gentleman, with emphasis.
Anti-racism group Hope Not Hate found 28 people were arrested or convicted of far-right inspired terrorism or violent offences during the past 12 months.
A Hope not Hate report warns of further violence from the far-right and claims supporters of the outlawed National Action group are subverting government bans by operating under a new front.
And although the name is new, anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate say SRN are just the latest front for National Action - banned under antiterrorist laws last year.
Brexit divides Britain into two very distinct groups and there is little prospect that a deal can be secured without angering and furthering alienating one or both, according to the paper published on Wednesday by campaign group Hope Not Hate.
CAMPAIGNERS Hope Not Hate are suing Nigel Farage for damages claiming he accused them of using "violent and undemocratic means".
THE newly-formed Huddersfield Hope Not Hate group had a successful event to commemorate the life and values of Batley MP Jo Cox, pictured.
The group, including representatives from MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development), Citizens Cymru, Hope Not Hate and the Muslim Council of Wales, will be visiting Cathays, Butetown, Grangetown and city centre electoral wards.
BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Adel Berwari said: "withdraw Kurds' Ministers from the government and declaring the independence of Kurdistan economically is among the options that we hope not to use in response to the federal government's refusal to pay the dues of the oil companies operating in the region.
A study conducted by anti-racism organization Hope Not Hate, covering 190 groups now identified as promoting an Islamophobic agenda, revealed that far-right organizations are becoming more cohesive as they forge alliances throughout Europe and the US.