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In this country, we often train our dancers from the waist down and hope for the best above the center.
Sherborne said: "I've just got to come out, play my game and hope for the best."
What's likely to be your next step--do you (a) carefully read through the finely printed prospectus to see just what you're getting into or (b) throw paperwork to the wind, sign your name on the dotted line and hope for the best?
Toon boss Steve McClaren can only prepare for Sunday's game and hope for the best.
I noticed some safety concerns when I saw the photo at the top of Page 57 ("Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best") in the July/ August issue.
"Now with three races left, we hope for the best results possible for ourselves but also for the team."
I just get up in the morning and put anything on and hope for the best.
Student Sheelagh Thomson, 19, from Kirkcaldy, said: "We just have to hope for the best - that's all we can do."
At Wolves did we string everyone across the midfield, pack the defence and hope for the best?
Mark Jensen, editor of fanzine The Mag, said: "We should get behind the manager and hope for the best."
"Clerk of the course Jason Loosemore walked the course and thought we should have a precautionary inspection, so we shall see how things are and hope for the best."
He's in good form and we'll hope for the best with him," said Pipe.
The crews will hope for the best but there is not a lot of optimism in the Wirral camp just now in a season which has so far generally been kind.
It has been a standard Yankee ethic to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Not too long ago a beloved president got himself reelected partly on the strength of a snazzy commercial campaign that depicted a big old bear prowling through the woods.
"Basically they're saying, we're going to bomb and hope for the best .
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