hope for

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hope for something

to be optimistic that one's wish for something will come true. I still hope for her return. We hope for good weather on Friday.
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When something that we hope for thus, we do not even know or feel it has already arrived from that horizon upon which we locate hoping.
I find signs of hope for the church in: Africa, South-East Asia, Latin America and in groups such as Essentials and the Prayer Book Society, who are not striving relentlessly to wall off the churches of Canada and the United States from our brothers in the Anglican Communion and indeed the entire holy, catholic and apostolic church.
Specifically; we hold that people who are high in global/trait hope will relinquish a goal when their goal-specific hope for that particular goal is low.
The prophets lived during times when hope was hard to come by, but they provided hope for God's people.
Yet none of these has the power to guarantee all that we hope for.