hope for

hope for (something)

To be hopeful that something (named after "for") will happen. Now that our house is on the market, there's not much we can do but hope for the best. I got a glowing performance review this year, so I'm hoping for a raise.
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hope for something

to be optimistic that one's wish for something will come true. I still hope for her return. We hope for good weather on Friday.
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When something that we hope for thus, we do not even know or feel it has already arrived from that horizon upon which we locate hoping.
Hope, in the Holy Quran, has been attributed to various notions: material and mundane, such as Jacob's hope for his children's reunion in his company (Yusuf:83); immaterial and divine, like hope for the Hereafter (Al-Ankaboot:36); hope for Allah's amnesty (An-Nisaa:99); hope for His mercy (An-Noor:56); hope for redemption (Al-Qasas:67).
John Sachs writes that hope is "not about a salvation away from this world but about God's coming to dwell in the cosmos, redeeming, transforming, and making it new." Jesuit Father Thomas Massaro argues that our hope for a better world must be made effective in the present by concrete efforts to remedy injustice.
Closely linked with the hope of walking again, was the frequent mention of hope for a return to life as it was before their SCI, to what was lost, to "normal" (Dorsett 2010, Laskiwski and Morse 1993, Lohne and Severinsson 2004, Smith and Sparkes 2005).
As I write, the stories being reported from Egypt are particularly disheartening and the loss of life challenges our hope for a peaceful world.
The Hope for Hope fund is now close to its $20,000 target and Hope has one round of treatment left.
This study explored the lived experience of hope for domestic violence support workers.
De La Salle is an example of a school that is successful at building academic capacity, spiritual strength, a feeling of community--and a culture of hope for children in poverty.
To his own people he brought reassurance of God's justice and their own future freedom: hope for an oppressed people.
The real question is: Hope for what?" Even a very short future can be more than half full.
Our fundamental hope for the resurrection of our bodies, a genuinely new life with God in Christ, flows over as hope in action, into the building of a world of peace and equality for all of creation.
Although hope for the future is a foundational motivation for education, the role of hope in teaching has not drawn much academic attention.
In this sense, we hope with as well as hope for." It is the presence of this mutuality that is the secret of all our hopes, and it is the absence of this mutuality that makes a person hopeless and despondent.
Other books that provide strategies and examples for how to instill hope in clients and students include Hope for the Journey: Helping Children Through Good Times and Bad (Cook, McDermott, Rapoff, & Snyder, 1997), Making Hope Happen: A Workbook for Turning Possibilities into Realities (McDermott & Snyder, 1999), and The Great Big Book of Hope (McDermott & Snyder, 2000).
Fenton extends this concept of hope as grounded in the land to a look at the ways in which property and propriety connected; that is, both individuals and the nation in early modern culture could hope for dispute-resolution through restructured access to land.
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