hope for

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hope for something

to be optimistic that one's wish for something will come true. I still hope for her return. We hope for good weather on Friday.
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This has provided Nancy with hope for the future, the hope that keeps her going.
In spite of all the reasons for despair, we dare to continue to hope for the arrival of the future Jesus promised.
The increasing availability of new treatment options and ongoing research, means that there is now growing hope for women who may one day be faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer.
Hope for all he's done for the veterans of this country,'' said Benny Bachand, VFW assistant adjutant general.
We are pleased to partner with Operation Hope for this initiative that will give students in the District and in neighboring communities a head start on building bright financial futures.
And the Ventura County Sheriff's Department has asked HOPE for help in its new efforts to reach out to the Latino community.
He came up with a tasty grapefruit recipe every year and submitted it to Hope for approval and then released it to food editors around the country.
There are a lot of people that don't know there's hope for people like me.
Calcutta House, a non-profit, premier provider of supportive housing and services for individuals living with AIDS in Philadelphia, continues to expand and, in ongoing partnership with the city of Philadelphia, will continue to provide care and hope for so many who have had so little of either.
When I see the wall, I expect to see a lot of faces and names, a lot of hope for a lot of people.
We are deeply grateful to Chris Hobler and the Directors of ALS Hope for their visionary commitment to ALS-TDF and their extraordinary leadership as philanthropists.
Genentech is expected to appeal both judgments, which could delay payment to City of Hope for an extended period.
It is expected that Genentech will appeal the jury's compensatory judgment, and that could delay the payment to City of Hope for an extended period.
According to James Bagdonas, ASC, director of photography, Chicago Hope for 20th Century Fox Television, it was easy to become acclimated to the Sony HDC-750 cameras.
It digs in the rubble of the heart for memory of God's promise to bring good out of evil and joy out of sadness and, on the basis of those memories of the past, takes new hope for the future.