hop in

hop in(to something)

To get or climb into something. Hop in if you want to go to the mall with me. When I realized that I would be late if I didn't leave right away, I hopped into my car and sped off.
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hop in (to something)

to jump into something; to get into something. Hop into your car and drive over to my house. I hopped in and drove off.
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Eevery Saturday night the Clover Leaf Social Club gave a hop in the hall of the Give and Take Athletic Association on the East Side.
No lady could say that she had witnessed a fight at a Clover Leaf hop in several years.
'New York City will finally get the respect and admiration from Hip Hop lovers around the world who will tune into the birthplace of Hip Hop in New York City during Hip Hop Appreciation Week' every year, stated JT Thompson.
This is significant because hip hop studies is dominated by male voices, and studies of hip hop in Africa are no different.
Both Marame Gueye and Damon Sajnani examine hip hop in Senegal.
In East Africa four authors present papers on hip hop in both Kenya and Tanzania.
Omari's research looks at the causes behind the slow growth of hip hop in Zanzibar, compared to mainland Tanzania.
The adoption and development of hip hop in China is driven by the same social and cultural factors that drove the emergence of hip hop in the African-American community and in countries like South Korea and Japan.
Hip hop in China has generated new forms of self-expression and cultivated new templates for identity.
The recent development of hip hop in China is an example of "cultural adoption" or "cultural translation." The idea of "keeping it real" pervades hip hop, implying that true hip hop artists represent the depth and complexity of life in their current social, political, economic, geographic, and cultural climates in a meaningful, expressive, and explicit way.
Chinese hip hop plays a role similar to American hip hop or hip hop in other countries in expressing the civil discontent of a particular socioeconomic class, and yet differs from any other form of hip hop throughout the world.
With trainer Kimberley G, and her assistant Patrick, the children were taught the ins and outs of hip hop in a three-day training.
"The hops are gentle, but there is a nice amount of hop flavor in this beer, and a lot of hop in the finish.
Kitwana's interest is in addressing the crisis facing black youth, and he recognizes that there is no getting around hip hop in the process.